Coping with Senior Year Stress| CF Products and Tips to Help You Through

If you've read any of my posts recently I am usually apologizing for posting a few hours late, for being inactive on social media, or straight up telling you guys that it's been a busy few months. If you didn't know, I am a senior in college and most (if not all) seniors need to take some sort of capstone class for the entirety of senior year. For nurses that means clinical, for engineers I believe you just call it capstone, education majors student teach, and comm majors (like me) have senior seminar. 

Throughout the course of senior seminar you are attempting to prove a thesis, by researching past data, conducting your own research, and finally presenting it to a board. I am finally done! I presented my thesis to a panel of communications professors, classmates, and juniors who anticipate taking the course next year. 
This semester hit me extra hard, I attempted to fit my class schedule into just two days a week, with a long break midday which I use for writing papers, studying, having lunch, and sending emails. I'm on campus those days from 9am-6:30. On top of that I work four days a week, and have been attending interviews for jobs post graduation. This past month I've been letting the stress just pile on, luckily it hasn't impacted my work, or become noticeable by others, but it has been affecting my self-care routine and in turn making me feel pretty icky. Often when you're faced with such a large project, doing anything outside of that feels like a major task. So I've basically been running on dry shampoo and caffeine. I want to share with you guys a few products I have been using over the past few months that have made it easier to cope with all the stress.

  1. Make a 'Cut and Wash' Appointment at your local salon. Cutting a few inches off is going to save you time on hair drying on those nights your dreading it, and having someone else massage shampoo through your locks is surprisingly therapeutic. 
  2. Eat! And make it worth it, I know it's tempting to stop for something quick at the drive thru, but it's not going to make you feel any better. I've been trying to bring lunch when I can, this way I can ensure that what I am eating is healthy. I try to use as many green vegetables as possible when I prep my meals. I find that things like avocados and broccoli help me feel more energized.

  3. Stay Hydrated. On the same note as eating healthy, staying hydrated is going to help keep the stress acne away, I have also been using SIBU's Omega-7 Gel Vitamins to help my skin cope with the long nights and stress. I think they have been helping and they are a super easy step to add to your routine. I take one in the morning and one at night.
  4. Micellar Water is your friend.  I have been using micellar water to cleanse as soon as I get home. I hate the feeling of makeup sitting on my face all day, so I use this as a quick way to remove it. My favorite currently is this one from Yes To because it also helps to soothe any irritation my skin is feeling. I still cleanse again with a traditional cleanser before bed to make sure all the excess oil and makeup is removed from my skin. But the micellar water is a great pre cleanse and really helps breakdown any irritants.

  5. Moisturize! Coconut oil is my favorite for this, I will often slather it on right after a shower and let it moisturize while I sleep. If you saw last month's post I have also been using this foot cream from CBD for Life to help soothe my achy feet after a long shift. 

  6. Dry shampoo. This is something I try to keep for emergencies because if I can I prefer to fully wash and condition my hair. Dry shampoo is not something that my hair gets on well with, but I have found that of the various ones I have tried Batiste is the best, my current favorite is the coconut scent.
  7. Self Tanner, when I have the extra time is something that makes me feel sooooo much better. A subtle bronze glow helps me feel healthier and a little more confident. I don't know what that says about me lol, but honestly all of these little self care tips help me feel better and helps me put myself first during a time when I really deserve it. I am currently testing out the Endurance Tanner from Norvell. I will have a full review up in the future, but its something that is quick, easy, and can be done at anytime making it perfect for someone with a busy schedule. 
I know all of these seem pretty obvious moves for self care, but I realize these can turn into difficult tasks when stress levels get too high. I hope the tips and products mentioned here will inspire someone to put themselves first today. Bottom line is make sure to do things that help you feel like you! Senior thesis made me feel like a zombie at times, but something as simple as applying a face mask, or moisturizing often helped me feel better.

 Some products mentioned in this post were sent to me as PR samples, however I am mentioning them here (again) because of the positive impact they have made on my routine.

If you have any tips for managing stress, or have a product that just helps you feel like you, leave a comment below. I would love to hear about it. 

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