Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Review| Featuring Tea with B

Last month Glamour Dolls shipped out their coveted collection collaborating with Lisa Frank. Becca and I preordered the adorable unicorn angled blush brush and we actually had completely different thoughts on it. The aesthetics of this brush are everything, the brush is everything I could ever want as a 90s baby and reminds me of a Lisa Frank lunch box, and various school supplies I had growing up. 
I have loved using this brush as a contour and bronzing brush. If you guys missed it, I reviewed the Glamour Dolls Fakecation Bronzer not too long ago. I have been using both products together and they seem like the perfect compliment to one another. The color of the bronzer appears natural enough to build a nice sun kissed look. I apply it in the '3' shape to both sides of my face and I think it looks great, and gives me a beautiful glow. 
I love that this brush features rose gold, and has pink bristles. I have found that this brush has been easy to clean and is super easy to spot in my mixed pot of brushes. 
Click here to read Becca's thoughts on the brush. 
Have you guys ordered any of these nostalgic brushes, or gotten in on any of the recent unicorn trends? Let me know in the comments. 💕

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