September Favorites

This month has been all about haircare, and I've tried a few new things to keep my hair strong and healthy. Since moving into my first apartment (wow it's officially a month now!) it's been harder to take care of my typically low maintenance hair, the hard water has been weighing down my hair. Thankfully I've been changing up my routine and found a few things to help prevent damage and encourage growth. 
September Favorites
My first favorite is The Hollywood Silk Solution. Over the years I've heard that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is healthier for you hair and skin. The silk causes less hair breakage, and doesn't leave creases or tug your skin. Pillowcases such as this one are recommended by celebrity hair stylists, dermatologists, and beauty experts and I had been dying to get my hands on them. 
The Hollywood Silk Solution provided me with a pink pillow for purposes of this review. I have been using this pillowcase for about a month now, and I do think it's made a difference. I try not to sleep with my hair in a ponytail anymore, and just let it naturally fall as I sleep. Between this and my next favorite I feel that I have less fallout, and my hair seems stronger than ever! Its also a major bonus to not wake up with creases on my face, which I used to from my cotton sheets and pillowcases.
I would definitely recommend this pillowcase, it's less expensive than many on the market,  features a hidden zipper so that it doesn't slip off your pillow, and stays cool and comfortable. 
My next favorite is the invisibobble, these fun little hair ties will forever be in my arsenal. They make my morning routine so simple! An updo is my go to, working in an office environment I don't do well with my hair falling in my face. Invisibobble makes it quick and easy to throw my hair up in a topknot, bun,  or ponytail. They are also more hygienic than traditional elastic hair ties since bacteria cannot collect inside it. And once they're stretched out a bit of heat can contract them once again! I let mine sit in a bowl of hot water. 
Invisibobble also has some really great tutorials, one of the easiest, and a favorite of mine are beach waves! 
My final favorite this month is from an all time favorite brand CBD for Life. I can't stop raving about them and was so excited to receive a sample of their shampoo and conditioner. This line is meant to hydrate, strengthen and promote hair growth. All things I look for when purchasing my hair care products. 
I was pretty impressed with this shampoo it has a pleasing scent, feels light on my hair, and didn't make my hair greasy (which is a huge issue if I use the wrong shampoo + hard water). Another winner from CBD for Life. :) 
Have you tried any new cruelty free beauty products this month? Let me know what your faves were in the comments below! 

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  1. The pillowcase sounds amazing I’m going to have to try it out!


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