Does Luxe Lash Live Up to the Hype? Reviewing the Viral TikTok at Home Lash Lift Kit

A few months ago I posted about wanting to simplify my routine, and as part of that, I got my first lash lift. I loved the results, it decreased the time it took to get ready in the morning, and I was having a lot more makeup-free days. However, I was hesitant to do it again because my salon appointment was $100 before tip. I love a good spa day, but I'd rather spend on a massage or facial, so I started looking at alternatives. Luxe Lash has been all over TikTok for months, and I was skeptical and wondered if the rave reviews were legit.

I bit the bullet this week and purchased the lash lift and tint bundle from Amazon. It took me about 40 minutes in total, and I love the results. They're not perfect, there was an eyelash or two that I couldn't get to stay on the rod/lash pad, but this is still (in my opinion) a great result for a first try. If you try this for yourself, remember to take your time. This isn't something you want to get in your eyes. I'd also recommend using a little product at a time to lessen that risk. 
  • The instructions were very easy to follow. 
  • The products were neatly organized and clearly labeled. 
  • Similar products I looked at before my purchase mentioned the rods/pads didn't stay put. I felt the luxe lash rods were easy to put on and stayed on during the entire process. 
  • The kit bundle cost less (for 3 applications) than my first salon visit. 

  • Most steps come in a sachet, I'd prefer bottles or tubes. I felt like I was wasting a lot of product that was leftover in the sachets since it wasn't resealable. 
  • I wish this kit came with extra cotton sticks but these can easily be purchased separately.
  • I'd love to see a version of the kit with your choice of rods. This kit comes with a variety, I chose medium. But if you have a preferred rod or lift angle you'll have to purchase more rods or wait until your next kit.
If you try your own lash lift I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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