Style Switch-Up

If you found this blog through my Tumblr you might have noticed a major shift in the style of my posts over the past year. Gone are the pastel hues, pictures of Cape Cod vacation homes, and boat shoes.
When I first started my Tumblr I named it 'Prepped & Ready'... actually no, it had a much stranger name since I started it my freshman year of high school, but lets not talk about that. Growing up on Long Island and attending private Catholic middle and high schools made a huge impact on my style. When I was ten I began playing golf, and as I got better was sponsored by the parents and friends of other junior coaches to play at various local country clubs. It became apparent that Ralph Lauren was the only way.

Thrive Market Haul Collaboration with The Fit Foodnista

Good Morning, afternoon, evening; whenever you're reading this I hope you've been having a good day! This week Becca (+Rebecca Glasser-Baker) and I have decided to collaborate on a post. This was our first time ordering from Thrive Market, a website that specializes in wholesome products for every lifestyle. I recently became a Thrive affiliate, but I want to note that this post is not sponsored. We each tried some different products from Thrive Market and gave our feedback on each others blogs. Here are Becca's picks! 

Badger Lip Tint in Rose Tourmaline/Opal Shimmer- This product is adorable and great to throw into a bag. I was extremely excited about this product but sadly, it was rather disappointing. It felt moisturizing on my lips but sadly, it did not give me any shimmer or tint. The opal shimmer gave my lips a dulled shine.

Mongo Kiss Lip Balm in Vanilla Honey- As soon as you open this product, the scent of honey fills your nose. It is mild and sweet but not overwhelming. I have tried products from this brand before and I enjoyed them. It was no surprise to me that I thoroughly enjoyed this product and it’s flavor. It felt pretty moisturizing on my lip, it’s a nice solid lip balm.

Coconut Milk Leave-in conditioner- This product is amazing, as soon as you spray it. It brings you to a tropical paradise. The smell of the summer and the beach can be slightly overwhelming but comforting at the same time. It took me a few sprays to get it working, but after using it my hair felt lightweight and conditioned.

Ways I Have Been Using Coconut Oil This Month

In tomorrow's post you'll see that I received a (free) jar of coconut oil with my Thrive Market order. I've always been curious about coconut oil, since I feel like it has had so much hype in the beauty industry and in the health food industry as well. Well I finally got my hands on a jar and it has definitely lived up to the hype, I'm not sure why I was so skeptical before. 

Here Are Four Easy Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine: 

As A Moisturizer

  • I have combination, acne prone skin and finding a decent moisturizer is challenging. I started using coconut oil in place of my night cream a few weeks ago and my skin has been thanking me. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and helps to keep my acne at bay. I've been seeing fewer breakouts. I've also recently realized that oily isn't the opposite of dry on the skin spectrum. Having oily skin actually means that your skin is lacking so much moisture that instead of just feeling dry your skin kicks oil production into high gear in an attempt to add moisture, so using an oil really helps to lock in moisture at night and I see a bit less oil during the day. 

  • I also love to use coconut oil on the rest of my body after a shower.

To Clean Makeup Brushes

  • I mix 1 part coconut oil, 3 parts dish soap, with a few drops of tea tree oil and mix it all together in a bowl. I then use it to clean my beauty blender and my brushes! The oil helps to pull out any pigment that can be stuck in the brushes. 

Function of Beauty: Personalized Haircare Review

Function of Beauty is a new haircare company based out of Connecticut, their products have been engineered by MIT graduates and are designed specifically for your hair needs. After I saw a Facebook advertisement for the company I knew I had to give the brand a try. Is there really a shampoo that does everything you expect it to? 

For reference these were my answers to the questionnaire that helps formulate your custom product

Hair Profile:

  •  Straight
  • Medium 
  • Oily

  • Fix split ends
  • Strengthen
  • Lengthen
  • Control oil
  • Moisturize

  • Cucumber mint 

When opening the box, I really loved the packaging. I love that the bottles are personalized with your name, and the presentation reminded me of spa products. I'm not overly fond of the scent I chose, but I'm kind of picky with minty scents and I should have realized that when I chose it. I am growing accustomed to it though. I like that the set comes with a card listing all of the ingredients and recommendations for a regimen.

After using this line of products for three week I would say that the shampoo and conditioner set does a good job at cleansing my scalp of oil and kept the ends of my hair free from split ends. The issue with my hair is that the roots tend to get oily after a long day, but the ends become damaged very easily since they were color treated (C'mon everyone got an ombre this summer). I haven't seen results as far as lengthening my hair yet, but it was recently cut, so it most likely isn't noticeable yet. Usually a few weeks after a cut a bit of damage is apparent near the ends of my hair, but I've noticed that my hair still looks nourished and healthy!  

Overall, I really like this set and would consider buying another in the future. Maybe your shampoo can do it all, I have a feeling custom products like these are going to revolutionize the way we look at haircare... and most likely skincare in the future. Well done Function of Beauty

Makeup Brands YOU THOUGHT Were Cruelty-Free (via boxes of foxes)

Just wanted to share this +emmablackery  video, she basically sums up my feelings on animal testing. But she talks about some great brands!

February Favorites: Borrowed From the Boys

I am one of those people that are always cold, freezing actually. If you run into me on campus I'm probably wearing about 3 layers of clothing, and still shivering. If I'm hanging out with my boyfriend there's a good chance I have stolen his flannel. There's this one that he always wears, I'd venture to say it's his signature look. This past Christmas I was able to figure out the brand and where it's sold and buy him a second one. Fast forward to February as I'm running around Macy's(which is where I purchased the gifted flannel)trying to look for office clothes and makeup when I spot the same flannel... only in a different pattern, closer to my size anddddd it was on clearance. So obviously I had to get it since it was roughly 80% off.

If you can find the Men's Charter Club Fleece Lined Flannel... don't hesitate, just buy it. I've worn this in place of my fleece North Face, over long sleeve tees on warmer winter days, and over hoodies on snow days and I have been loving it! The inside of the body is lined in a soft plush fleece, and the arms are lined like a lightweight jacket. There isn't much more to say, it's just the warmest thing ever, and who doesn't love being cozy. I've linked the Woolwich Ladies version below since my flannel doesn't appear to be available online. 

I've never really been afraid to borrow from the boy's department, but recently YouTubers like +sunbeamsjess have been wearing some menswear inspired looks that I've really been loving.

Another favorite of mine is the mini NARS blush and bronzer duo. The small compact is more reasonably priced than a lot of other blushes of this quality and has lasted me ages. I own the Orgasm/Laguna Duo (linked below) and I love the shades. I believe these are their two best selling shades and for good reason! The shades look natural on my somewhat fair skin in the winter, and I have been able to transition these shades into the summer when I have more of a tan.

My third favorite this month is Alex & Ani, not a stranger to many of you I'm sure. However, they're a favorite this month not because of a particular product, but because of their wonderful customer service. For my birthday I received a beautiful Alex and Ani necklace, the chain broke as I was putting it on a few weeks ago so I emailed the company to see if they repair chains. Instead they rush shipped me a brand new one and their customer service rep was lovely. The original necklace is a bit sentimental to me, but I'm happy I can still wear the new necklace and think of the meaning behind the original.

As for another cruelty free brand, I love Tarte! I've been using the Brazilliance Self Tanner on and off for the past two years and I love it. It smells amazing, and not chemically like other tanners tend to. Plus the maracuja oil helps to moisturize the skin. I think I'm fairly good at applying self tanner, but I have had some light streaking with other tanners I have tried... I tend to see less when using this Tarte product. I recommend using the mitt as well, which I throw in a hosiery bag and into the washing machine after one or two uses.