Vanity Planet Body Care Review

This month Vanity Planet, a website that carries cruelty free beauty, skincare, haircare, and styling tools reached out to me to review some of their products. I plan on spreading the reviews out into two posts, so today I wanted to focus on the body care products.

A few nights ago I came home to a box on my steps, to be honest I completely forgot these were being sent to me and was so surprised by the contents of the box. In the box I received the Spin for Perfect Skin Facial Cleansing brush in Strawberry Ice, The Bru Essential Body Scrub, and one other item that I will be focusing on in another post!

September and October Favorites| Fashion, Skincare, & Beauty

I'm finally getting around to posting my favorite's once again, it's been a busy semester and I'm currently writing this quick post to check in with you all from the library. I've been working hard on my thesis, and it's been a tough road but I finally completed one of the most difficult sections, the literature review. I thought it was time to get back into my blog, do some writing for fun and share what I have been loving recently.
I have been wearing my heeled Chelsea boots to death. I love them! I especially love pairing them with an ankle length jean and a slouchy top. These boots help to dress up any look!

Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

I have been wearing my ankle jeans to death this fall... almost as much as my leggings. Which is a lot! I love the boyfriend style because they are more relaxed and all around more comfortable. 

Oversized Flannel
I'm fairly certain I posted about my shirt jacket last year, but it has made a reappearance this year as my fall transition jacket. I love the sherpa lining and the borrowed from the boys look. If not styled correctly sometimes I look a little too relaxed, but I love this as a comfortable on campus look. Lately I have been layering it with a hoodie for extra warmth.
Hello From the Campus Library :) 

Boutique & Beauty Bar: Recipe for a Unique Shopping Experience

There’s always a risk when you create something new. Will people like it? Will it succeed? Will it be worth it?

When Madonna and Co. re-launched in Mid-town East Side, (bordering on the Upper-East Side) from our former location in Soho, we emerged as a different entity, incorporating what made us great in the past, but with new additions. We were more.

In addition to our new location on 60th street, we opened a full service salon and beauty bar within the store, bringing to a life a completely unique shopping experience.

Fashion and Beauty: An Innovative Convergence

The inclusion of the beauty bar inside our boutique converged the worlds of fashion and beauty in a way that’s never been done. For the first time, women have the opportunity to receive comprehensive beautification in a one-stop shop.

Bringing together fashion and beauty as we have done was not without risk, but innovation always involves a leap of faith. New creations don’t arise from the ether. Innovation comes as the result of unique combinations, whether it be a boutique and a beauty bar, our designs and exclusive designer capsule collections, or glam and chic, etc. Creating one-of-a-kind experiences from unique combinations is what Madonna & Co. has always done.