Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Every year Mother's Day seems to get a bit harder for me, I'm not really sure why... I guess my mom is just someone that I want to get the perfect gift for. There aren't too many things that she 'needs' per say but I always try to get something that is both practical and meaningful. 
I reached out to a brand called Vadavas and asked if I could feature their bracelets in a Mother's Day guide, and one of the owners, Daniela, kindly arranged for a bracelet set to be sent to me for both me and my mother. What drew me to Vadavas is their dedication to social responsibility, their slogan is 'wear purpose' and I wanted to find out what Vadavas is all about.
Mother Daughter Bracelet Set From Vadavas 
The jewelry line was started by Daniela, her mom, and her two sister's (Valentina and Valeria). Vadavas is part of an international program founded by their mom called the Women Opportunity International Foundation. The foundation helps single moms elevate their wellbeing as well as their children's by being able to work from home to handcraft these beautiful bracelets, and still be able to watch over and nurture their children.
I will be giving my mom one of the bracelets in the Mother and Daughter Matte Crystal Fireball set this Wednesday for Mother's Day.  All of the bracelets on the site are gorgeous but I know my mom will especially love this color combination. We both wear mainly gold jewelry so this will look amazing stacked with our daily pieces. My mom will love how versatile it is thanks to the neutral palette, but I know she will enjoy the hint of purple.
Vadavas packages their jewelry beautifully, I love the hot pink and gold embossed box, and each bracelet comes with a storage pouch. My favorite part about the packaging is the little card included in the box that says;
 No daughter and mother ever lived apart, no matter what the distance between them 
I think this is especially fitting being that this is the last Mother's Day I will be spending at home. With graduation approaching, I hope to have a full time job and be moved out sometime this summer. My parents are also planning on retiring to another state. This quote to me signifies that although I won't be living with my parents for much longer, distance won't truly keep us apart. 
I also picked up a card for her from Paper Source, and a set of dish storage boxes from The Container Store, because it has been something she has been considering purchasing for the move. 
Have you picked up something special for your mom this year, or if you have something fun planned let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear about it. 

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