How to Get that DWTS Glow| A Cruelty Free Review

Growing up watching Dancing with the Stars I always wondered how the contestants got such a flawless, even, not-orange glow. I've been self tanning on and off for a few years now and have tried my share of products, I finally got a routine down where there are minimal streaks, and I know exactly how to tan my acne-prone face. 

A few weeks ago I received a product from Norvell called Endurance. Endurance is a gradual tanner and CC cream all in one. I have been using Endurance for about two weeks straight now, and I'm loving it. This is probably the most natural coloring I've ever seen from a product. Endurance is formulated with VIO-7 which counters orange undertones giving you a more natural look. 
Endurance Gradual Tanner
This product is a gradual tanner, so I use it ever day or every other day to keep the glow consistent. The color does not last longer than 3 days, but that is to be expected with a gradual tanner. I like this product because it is easy to blend into the skin, illuminates my skin, and its also something I can do no matter what time of day. Most tanners that I have been using recently require you to sleep in the tan, and wash the guide color off in the morning. Since this is a gradual tanner there is no guide color to wash off so I can use this morning or night. I think this would also be great to use the day after using a standard tanner (with guide color) to help keep the color looking fresh. 

I have also been able to use this product on my face, and haven't broken out because of it. I just use micellar water or cleanser about 2 hours after, once the tan has developed, to remove any product that is still there as well as any oil. 

I would also recommend using this product for events. I plan to use this for my graduation tomorrow, I think the natural glow will look great with my coral dress. 

What products have you guys been loving to get your summer glow started? Let me know in the comments. ☀

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