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Good Morninggggg guysss! I have a busy day ahead of me but I am officially done with classes. I have a final or two, and some graduation related things to attend on campus but I am done! I feel so relieved to be done with senior seminar, my presentation went well and my thesis paper is finished and has been handed in. 
While I was in the midst of finishing all my papers I got a lovely package from Reverie Farms & Soaps, a Texas based, family owned farm that makes all natural and organic products. I was lucky enough to receive one of their foaming hand soaps in the scent 'Lemongrass', as well as a Patchouli Orange Soap Bar
Reverie Farms Soaps
I currently have the Lemongrass hand soap in my bathroom and have been loving the scent. I can see this being a lovely soap to keep in a kitchen as well since it is super fresh! Many foaming soaps leave my hands feeling a little dry, but I haven't found that with Reverie's version. According to their site the soap is safe for sensitive skin, vegan friendly, biodegradable, and can even be used in the shower! I think my favorite points about this soap is that it is paraben free and chock full of natural oils. 
The bar soap didn't disappoint either. I love the scent of patchouli and it went so well with the citrus and orange aromas. The bar is 4oz, and so far it seems very long lasting. The coloring of these bars is all natural, and as I mentioned before, is free from artificial ingredients. I have been getting into the habit of moisturizing after I shower, since the shower gel (a longtime Lush favorite of mine) is a bit too drying. I didn't feel parched after using this bar and I liked how healthy and clean I felt after using it. 
I would definitely recommend that you guys give Reverie Farms a try! If you're interested I have a 10% off code 'ACFM417'. It's one time use, and can be used once per customer, but it will never expire! 😁

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