What I've Been Up to | Social Distancing & WFH Tips

Most of the country has been social distancing in response to the covid-19 outbreak, and while nerves are running high the number one question I'm seeing online is 'How do I productively work from home during this time?'.

While I've been fortunate to have past roles that allowed me to work remotely from time to time, I've never worked from home for this long. At the moment I am working from home by myself, but in the past I have worked from home with roommates or my fiancé around. It is a slightly different experience working from home with friends or family around, so I feel for those of you who may be struggling with that.

Here are my top tips during this time of social distancing to keep spirits up, and stay productive.

  1. Let the light in, open your curtains and blinds to let the sunshine in as soon as you wake up. According to Healthline "Sunlight cues special areas in the retina, which triggers the release of serotonin". Letting the sunlight in to your space may help beat the social distancing blues.