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I think we're about due for a new 'City Girl Skincare' post. Today's holy grail product is coming from the beautiful city of Miami. 

As you know many of my CGS posts focus on congestion and environmental stressors such as pollution. Today's post isn't different in that sense, but I am so happy to have finally found an amazing moisturizer that fits into this routine. 
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I've struggled with congested pores in my t-zone since I was a teen, and while it's gotten a lot better I've always been a bit self conscious of my skin in that area. Moving to the city seemed to make it worse, It could be the pollution, or just general aging but my t-zone has been in need of some TLC for a bit, I just haven't found the right product. That is until I tried Miami Beach Bum's Facial in a Jar

Upon starting my trial of Facial in a Jar, I carefully extracted the areas that needed the most love, following with a scrub, a clay mask, and finally Facial in a Jar. I typically follow this process when testing new products, as I want to give the product the chance to thrive. (Note: I would recommend going to a professional for any extractions as it's very easy to damage your skin.) I feel the clay mask helps draw out blemishes that may be just under the surface and ready to make an appearance. 

Within the first week I was starting to see a glow that I hadn't seen in months, and the dry skin around my forehead and on my cheeks was pretty much gone. Two weeks in I could tell that the pores around my nose were appearing to be a bit smaller. 

On the third week I went to my local spa. This is something I had been planning for quite awhile. I wanted to treat myself after a really stressful few months, and also begin a routine before the wedding. I haven't gotten a facial in years, so this was a real treat. The esthetician asked me what my current routine is; a gentle cleanser, Isa Lazo Toner,  Sunday Riley's UFO Serum, Facial in a Jar, and SPF in the morning, with the addition of a chemical exfoliant and facial oil occasionally at night. She seemed impressed with my core routine and mentioned that the mascne I had was healing super nicely. Which I think is largely due to this product.

Getting professionally extracted was something I was bit wary of. As a teen I went for facials every few months when I was going through my cystic acne phase, and those extractions were painful. Understandably so, cystic acne tends to be very deep, and in areas that are difficult to squeeze. Remembering that made me a bit nervous for my facial. This was the easiest facial I ever had, and I truly think it's thanks to Facial in a Jar. While I still had a bit of congestion and a few blackheads going into my treatment, this was the least amount of extractions I had ever endured. 

Following my facial, I'm continuing to use Facial in a Jar and am seeing continued results. My pores are staying clear, and my skin feels balanced and nourished. The key ingredients are really amazing, and were actually recommended by my esthetician, particularly Vitamin A. This moisturizer is packed with Aloe and Squalane which help to  plump your skin while also fortifying your skins natural moisture barrier. Facial in a Jar also contains Algae to help detoxify your skin, making it a key ingredient for those who struggle with congestion. And to help reverse the damage the city and sun have done to my skin, green tea and blueberry provide antioxidants to protect from aging, irritation, and UV damage. 

As you may know I am also transitioning to a more clean beauty routine. Clean beauty is new to me, and  I am still learning about ingredients and what to stay away. I am using apps like Think Dirty, and sites like Cos DNA. When uploading these ingredients to Cos DNA, I found that Facial in a Jar scored very well. Sites like these are helpful to determine clean ingredients, especially if you have conditions such as acne, eczema or rosacea-- to help determine what ingredients will work with or against your skin. 

If you're a city girl like myself, struggle with congested skin, or just need a great moisturizer to round out your routine I would highly recommend Miami Beach Bum's Facial in a Jar. Use code Patti10 for $10 off your Miami Beach Bum purchase. 

Be on the lookout for an updated skincare routine post in the coming weeks, I would love to show you how I'm prepping to have 'wedding ready' skin, using a few of my holy grail 'City Girl Skincare' products, as well as a few new clean products! 

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