Getting Smooth Legs for Summer| Rose Skin Co IPL Review

While I love having smooth skin, the actual act of shaving can sometimes seem like a hassle. Shaving has become a chore I'd rather not complete nowadays, so when Rose Skin Co sent me their IPL laser hair removal handset I was super interested in the prospect of having to shave less, or eventually not at all. 

I've never used a laser system before, and I was a little apprehensive. Would it hurt? Would it impact the texture of my skin? Is it safe? 

Laser hair removal helps to reduce hair growth by killing the hair follicle, it takes multiple treatments in active growth stages to see results. While at home devices are less intense than professional treatments they are also safe for home use. Of course you want to ensure you're following the instructions correctly. For more on the pros and cons of at home laser hair removal, check out this article from the Cleveland Health Clinic. 

I've been using the Rose Skin Co. IPL device on and off for the last few months, and have been testing out different routines to see how my results varied. The following is my current routine, and what I found worked best for me. 

Dry Brushing 

The first step in my routine is to dry brush. Before showering, I brush my body from the tops of my feet to my shoulders in an upward motion towards my heart. This practice is said to be great for lymphatic drainage, but I've found it's one of the most effective ways to exfoliate. I particularly like this method of exfoliating as it doesn't leave any excess oils or serum on my skin. 


After dry brushing I hop in the shower for my normal routine. While showering, I shave my legs. When using an IPL you want to shave, not pluck or epilate, so that the root of your hair is still in the follicle. 


After showering I make sure my skin is completely dry before using my IPL. When you start out, you want to use the lowest setting, and work your way up. I prefer to use my IPL on pulse mode, picking the device up in between flashes. 


I moisturize immediately after using my IPL, I prefer something lightweight and sprayable if possible. Lately I have been using Flamingo's Light Hydrating Spray, which scored decently on CosDNAs ingredient analyzer. Fragrance is the main reason why it's not 100% clean. This product absorbs quickly, and I feel the squalane makes a huge difference in keeping my skin moisturized. 

I'm a few weeks into my IPL treatment, but I'm starting to see a difference in my legs. My hair growth is finer, and I can go a bit longer between shaving. Following the routine above my skin is super smooth and soft. I feel like I'm ready for the beach this summer. 

If you have tried or are interested in trying IPL, I'd love to chat in the comments and hear your thought! 

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