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It's 7am and there is a beautiful mourning dove cooing on my fire escape. Little things like these remind me of summer in my childhood backyard back on Long Island. Their calls remind me that spring is coming, along with change and warm weather. Mourning doves are symbolic of peace, love, and faith. There's something relaxing, familiar and safe about their calls.

Quarantine has been a period of growth and self reflection, I'd imagine a lot of people are in the same boat as we've all had a bit more time with ourselves. 

Lately I've been thinking I want to reinvent myself a bit. Nothing drastic, but I've thought a lot about consumerism and generally the things that make me happy.

If you've been reading the last few months you'll know my focus hasn't been entirely on my blog. It's been on wedding planning, trying to be a more conscious consumer, and on transitioning my routine to something more environmentally and health conscious (re: eventually transitioning fully to clean beauty). It's been on myself and my immediate surroundings and finding what brings me joy in this time.

Interior design has been one of my areas of focus. While my bedroom isn't quite where I want it to be yet, it's getting there and it makes me so happy to retire to this room at night, or curl up and read a book here in the afternoon. My style is leaning super boho lately, and I've opted to change my white duvet (the backdrop to a lot of my flat-lays) to something more earthy, a rust tone. I've incorporated more baskets, natural fibers, plants, and I've even purchased a few more crystals. Eventually I'll move this style into other rooms of my apartment, my bathroom is one I've been trying to incorporate more natural and relaxing elements into. 

My goal over the last year was to make my space a sanctuary. A place to relax when the city and current events felt overwhelming. My love for bohemian interiors has spilled over into my personal style. I've been opting for more flowy outfits, less constricting fits, and a lot less black. I've been going for small businesses when possible, and also trying to find ones that use sustainable packaging and fabrics. 

When Buddha Pants reached out to me about trying out one of their styles I was super excited to give them a try. They reminded me of pants that I wore in my late teens, and I missed that mix of eclectic style and comfort. Buddha Pants claim to be the most comfortable pants you'll ever own, and I wholeheartedly agree. I have been living in mine. They're amazing for work from home days and running errands around town. I feel like they can be dressed up or down, and are an amazing step up from my usual WFH uniform (sweatpants 😜). 

I opted for the Miami Harem Pant in Macchiato. They're the perfect fit for a bohemian vibe in the concrete jungle. I'm not kidding when I say I may buy these in every color. Not only are they insanely comfy, but it also folds into it's own pocket which makes them super packable and travel friendly. I can see these being my go to this summer at the beach. I've been pairing them with doc martens, or slip on sneakers now, and think they will be super cute with Birkenstocks once the warmer weather hits. 
I got my usual size, a medium, and they are a perfect fit. 

The Buddha Pants Team also surprised me with a ton of cloth masks. In an effort to be eco-conscious I have only been using re-usable masks this past year. With the exception of the start of the pandemic when they weren't widely stocked. I especially love these masks because they come with a cute little pouch to store them in when they're not in use. I think that's a great idea so you can stow extras in your bag, your coat pocket, and your car without risking your keys, phone or anything else that may be a bit germy touching your clean mask. You can also purchase the pouches separately, just look for the Kira Satchel on their site. These masks come in some really cute patterns, and also include a pocket to add your own filter. I personally prefer the around the ear style, but they also come in a style that loops around your head. 

Thank you Buddha Pants for gifting me these joggers and masks! This small, eco-friendly business is one that I will definitely be keeping my eye on for future purchases as I build out my bohemian style wardrobe. The floral harem jumpsuit is calling my name. They also sell a sarong with pockets which will be a must for this summer. 

Keep an eye out for more boho related content in the coming months, and let me know if there is specific are you'd like me to focus on. I would love to hear about what you've been gravitating towards recently in the comments below. Let's chat! 

Updated 5/14/21: Use code ACRUELTYFREEME10 for 10% on the Buddha Pants site. 

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