Vanity Planet Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Review

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of post last week, I wanted to focus on Thanksgiving, school work, and making sure I gave myself adequate time to review this product before posting. I hope you had a lovely holiday. You may have noticed I edited my last post due to some difficulties, but it has been resolved. I believe it's important to have transparency with the people that may read my posts, so I will always update a post if my stance on a product has changed.
"Palette Professional Makeup Brush Collection"
Vanity Planet kindly sent me this gorgeous travel roll filled with synthetic makeup brushes. The box included fifteen wood handled brushes in a faux-leather roll. There is pretty much every brush you could need in this set. I was on a search for a good cruelty-free fan brush, so I was happy to see that included in this set. 

So far my most frequently used brushes are the kabuki, the powder brush, blush brush, contour brush, large fan brush, and the angled liner brush. Most days, if I choose to wear makeup I keep it pretty simple with a medium coverage foundation, blush, bronzer, mascara, and sometime's a gel liner (like this).  Because of the addition of a fan brush to my collection I have been using a touch of highlight as well. 

This roll is awesome for traveling, so I loved using it over Thanksgiving break. It made it much easier to do my makeup in an unfamiliar space. You know when you're doing your makeup away from your own bathroom or vanity, and it's sometimes harder to do your routine since you don't have everything in the same place? Maybe it's just me, but I sometimes find that a bit difficult. 
Don't they look so soft?
I have been using these brushes every time I have done my makeup for the past two and a half weeks. I haven't seen any fallout which is awesome, and something I often see with brushes that have that metal binding that holds the bristles in. 
Squeaky Clean
Before writing this post I cleaned my brushes for the first time. I only saw the fallout from one brush and it was about one strand, which I would say is normal. I'm pretty impressed with these brushes they are super soft, seem to be durable, and are able to be cleaned easily. I am considering purchasing a drying rack just to make things a bit easier now that I have so many brushes. It's also wise to consider a drying rack because of the metal bindings, if any moisture gets in there it can increase fallout. Thanks again to Vanity Planet for sending these my way! Let me know in the comments below what your most used brushes are. 

Here's a quick neutral look I created with my VP Brushes.


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