Marc Anthony Hair Partnership and Argan Oil Review

I received a series of emails last month from Marc Anthony and long story short you're going to be seeing a lot more haircare posts from me! The Marc Anthony team reached out to me about becoming an ambassador of sorts for their line. I'm so excited to work with such a well-known company, and was even happier when they ensured me that their products adhere to the EU standards regarding animal testing. 

I was so excited to receive this box, at first I had no idea who it was from... until I flipped it over and saw the cute message someone from the team wrote on the box. 😊 Inside I saw the complete range of Argan Oil products. As I'm writing this (2 weeks ahead) I've been using this product for about a week. I loved the mask I found it really sorted out my dry scalp... I had been using way too many clarifying shampoos. My hair is super soft and shiny looking and it's only been a few days of using this line of products. I also forgot how much I love the scent of argan oil. 

The dry styling oil is also amazing for use when your drying your hair, personally I have kept this product away from my roots since my hair is naturally oily. I have found my hair is incredibly soft and shiny when my hair is dry.

Since I usually wash my hair every day (I know, oops) this isn't a huge concern for me but this probably isn't the right shampoo to use frequently when you have oily hair. Second-day hair requires a bit of dry shampoo. It's well worth it to me though, my hair is extremely healthy-looking.

I cant wait to see what else Marc Anthony has in store for me. This spring I will be taking a course on making Youtube videos so expect to see some hair tutorials featuring Marc Anthony products!

I would recommend trying this line if you have dry, damaged, color-treated, or frequently heat style your hair. What are your favorite Marc Anthony products? 💆


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