Vanity Planet Body Care Review

This month Vanity Planet, a website that carries cruelty-free beauty, skincare, haircare, and styling tools reached out to me to review some of their products. I plan on spreading the reviews out into two posts, so today I wanted to focus on the body care products.

A few nights ago I came home to a box on my steps, to be honest, I completely forgot these were being sent to me and was so surprised by the contents of the box. In the box I received the Spin for Perfect Skin Facial Cleansing brush in Strawberry Ice, The Bru Essential Body Scrub, and one other item that I will be focusing on in another post!

I used to own a very expensive cleansing brush from Clarisonic, I loved it but refilling the brushes was expensive and eventually the brush stopped holding a charge. I would say that the Spin For Perfect skin brush is a comparable alternative, I used the facial cleansing attachment the night I got it, and then the morning after and had some mild irritation. The facial attachment made my skin super soft, but for a no-makeup day it was a teeny bit red. I think this is due to the speed the brush head moves. I think personally, for my sensitive skin, this brush might be best to use twice a week on my face.
I love the other attachments, the body attachment I have been using daily, and I love that there is a pumice stone attachment for pedicures! If you're considering purchasing a facial cleansing brush and aren't sure which is right for you, I would take a look at this article. I also love that the spin brush is battery operated, now I don't have to worry about it losing charge, I can just pop in some new batteries.

To use the body attachment I've been running it over a bar of Yog Nog soap (which isn't available this year from Lush, but I had so much leftover from last holiday season(---But if you liked that scent check out Yog Log🌲). I love the festive scent, and think it pairs really nicely with the Bru scrub. I've wanted to try a coffee-based body scrub for some time now and was so excited to receive this. I love that this can also be used with the spin brush! I recommend exfoliating before shaving for a closer shave. I love using this scrub all over but especially on my legs and elbows. My skin is so soft! This is often something I can't be bothered with in the colder months, In the summer I will moisture and exfoliate but I find it's a bit too much effort once the weather gets chilly. Thanks to Vanity Planet it's now so easy to achieve soft skin.

**Edit: November 20th 2016
I reached out to Vanity Planet this weekend, to learn about their one year warranty on the Spin for Perfect Skin Brush. Mine has stopped working after a week of use. I stand by my original post, I love the idea of a cleansing tool such as this, however quality is a major factor in choosing one of these brushes. I have had good luck with the scrub though, and found it left my skin amazingly soft. I'm excited to begin reviewing what is in store for next week as I wait on VP's response.

** Later in the day I received an email from the wonderful rep I have been working with and they will be sending me a new brush, If in doubt their customer service team is great and they stand by their warranty.

**Just over a week has passed and Vanity Planet has provided me with a new unit. I will keep you guys updated, but this one is working beautifully. :) So thankful to VP for reaching out to me.

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