Updated Skincare Routine & Reviews

As I'm sure many of you can relate finals week wreaked havoc on my skin. Stress is probably the most consistent thing that ruins my clear skin. In the past month I have slightly changed my skincare routine from when I last posted (New Nightly Oil Routine & #TheBarSoapChallenge) so I felt it was time for an update.

Thanks to these little changes and a must needed winter intercession my complexion has been improving. Today is the first day in months that I haven't been scheduled to work, don't have class, and don't have to read through any research. It feels so nice to just relax for a bit. I'm not one to sit still for long though so along with rewatching Gossip Girl I have been knitting, touching up my resume, and looking at postings for after graduation. Seriously... I find it hard to just be a little lazy and relax. 😬 If you're still experiencing finals or waiting on results good luck and make sure to relax a bit afterwards, you earned it!
Some New Additions to My Skincare Arsenal

There are a few products I haven't reviewed here on my blog before, but if I mention anything I have already reviewed then I'll refer you to the link just to avoid repetition.

Morning Routine: 🌅

  1. I start out by washing my face with Bûche De Noël from Lush. I'm especially loving this right now because it smells like Christmas with cranberry. orange, brandy, and almonds being just a few of it's wholesome ingredients. I like using this in the morning because the ground almonds gently exfoliate and don't irritate my skin. 
  2. Lately I have been using Shea Moisture's Problem Skin Moisturizer. I picked this up months ago and wasn't sure how I felt about it. With the stress of finals however I can tell that the tea tree is really helping calm my skin. I have also found that I am less shiny throughout the day. 
My Daytime Moisturizers

Evening Routine: 🌙
  1. Usually I reach for my Tom's of Maine Beauty Bar (read about my experience here) because it's what I have in my shower but depending on my mood it's pretty interchangeable with Bûche De Noël. I have found my skin responds better to using more simple cleansers that have natural ingredients. Right now these are my two favorites. 
  2. If my skin is looking like it needs some extra care I have been using Alba Botanica Toxin Release Scrub. This was another product that I was skeptical about at first but I continued to use it. Over time I have seen an improvement in my skin, my pores are a bit clearer and this scrubs seems to help expedite the healing after blemishes arise. 
  3. I then follow with my Hydrating Night Creme from Derma-e (which you can also read about here). I like the thickness of the formula, and find that my skin is more supple upon waking up. It also helps makeup for any moisture I may be stripping away with a scrub.
  4. After moisturizing I use a spot treatment. On smaller spots I'll use Tea Tree Oil, and on larger ones I will use a bit of my favorite clay mask
I see myself sticking to this routine for quite sometime. If this can help my skin bounce back from finals... well then I'm pretty confident that it will help me through anything! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what your current cruelty free favorites are in the comments below! Happy Holidays! 


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