Review| HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care Collection

This week I had the opportunity to review HASK's line of Charcoal Purifying Haircare Products. HASK is a brand I have mentioned on my blog before, I love their mask packets especially the Monoi Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner. The best part is, HASK is cruelty free!

When I first heard about the charcoal range of products I was a bit wary... charcoal?... in my hair? However, I have used charcoal cleansers on my skin before, and I know charcoal is wonderful for purifying. As I have said before in past haircare reviews my hair can be somewhat oily if I don't use the correct products, so I was actually really excited to try a purifying shampoo because it was a concept that I hadn't tried before.
My samples provided by HASK

After First Use//
After using the clarifying shampoo I immediately felt as if my hair was lighter, the shampoo had gently removed all the oil and product buildup from the day. One thing I was worried about before using the shampoo was my beautiful all white shower being covered in charcoal. I never saw any black residue and my shower stayed pristine.

The conditioner felt super nourishing! I'm one of those people that likes to condition root to tip, I feel like a good conditioner should be useable on the entirety of the head. Unlike a lot of conditioners my hair did not feel weighed down after use, it just felt soft and nourished.

Since I opted to take my shower at night, this usually means I sleep on wet hair. My hair takes forever to blow dry and I've found that sometimes this is because of my shampoo. Shampoos or conditioners that weigh my hair down usually have too much oil in them, making it harder for my hair to dry. I dried my hair almost completely tonight! (I'm just lazy so I didn't finish... haha, plus I wanted to braid my hair so I find I get better waves if my hair is a teeny bit wet when I braid before bed)

After a Few Uses//
I really love this range of products, they are both affordable and effective. After depleting these I would definitely repurchase which isn't something I do often. I get very bored with products and always think there might be something a teeny bit better, but not this time! I love that my hair feels super clean after using these products, but my hair isn't stripped.

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