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I was lucky enough to stumble upon B.BINCHOTAN earlier this month while I was perusing Instagram. I got in touch with their rep and was given the chance to try out their product. 

According to their website "B.binchotan is a lifestyle brand that represents the highest quality of simplistic and minimalist Binchotan charcoal products. Binchotan charcoal is an activated charcoal that is also considered to be a natural antibacterial, it has the ability to adsorb the compound and toxin called Tannin. Tannin is responsible for the stains in your teeth that are found through everyday liquids consumed by you such as coffee, tea, tobacco, wine and berry like fruits. This decreases your chances of anti fungal and will rid of any bacteria that would likely to cause bad breath".
Charcoal has a lot of amazing benefits, I have tried charcoal cleansers, haircare, and even charcoal lemonade, but I have never heard of using a charcoal product on your teeth. 

I was super excited to give this brush a try though, a few months back I decided to test out Crest white strips after a cruelty free tray option didn't work out. My teeth had always been pretty white, but since starting college back in 2013 I have become a daily coffee drinker. The Crest white strips were gentle and I actually really liked them, but Crest is not a cruelty free company and I am trying to be more conscious about the products I am backing. 

Upon first impressions I noticed that the B.BINCHOTAN brush is a bit more firm than the toothbrushes I use. I usually purchase the ones labeled 'soft', these feel like they could be classed as medium. This isn't an issue for me, simply an observation after using only soft brushes over the years. I have found though that the medium bristles stay neater than the soft ones I am used to though, so honestly I would totally switch to using this brush in place of any others. 

I noticed that with white strips you aren't going to get a completely even application, at least I didn't. A tiny portion of my teeth near my gums wasn't quite as white as the rest. After a few days of using this toothbrush my teeth looked so evenly white. I'm actually amazed! I would definitely recommend this brush as a whitening product, plus you can use whatever toothpaste you'd like, this one from Tom's of Maine is my favorite since it is cruelty free. 

Have you guys tried any new cruelty free products this week? Have you tried any charcoal products? Let me know in the comments. <3 

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