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I've been thinking a lot about the future of 'A Cruelty Free Me' in the past few weeks. I took a break a few months after starting a new job. At the time blogging wasn't feeling as fun as it did back in college, I had started learning about 'clean beauty' and while skincare still excited me, I didn't feel like a subject matter expert when it came to clean formulations. I felt a bit bummed out by the space, with everything being monetized, and just wanted to get back to a place of enjoyment for my hobby. 

Things feel very different at the present. My husband and I have now been married for two and a half years. We recently purchased a home, and adopted a puppy. Both working on the house, and training our pup has taken over a lot of our free time, but we couldn't be happier about it. I'm enjoying different things as of late... decorating, organizing, long walks with the pup. I am still interested in beauty & skincare, but it has taken a backseat to the other things I have been enjoying. 
I am toying with the idea of rebranding to a more 'lifestyle-focused' blog. So I can talk more about challenges and projects as a first-time home buyer, and make pet gift guides, and photograph my DIY projects. I think I still may talk about beauty here and there but I want to relieve the pressure I feel to know everything there is to know about beauty, since I'm just not as attuned to that industry at the present.

I feel really inspired by creators like Lauren Elizabeth & Clare Sullivan as of late. So maybe I'll take a cue from them. :)  

I'm still thinking of a new name, and will need to purchase a new domain to redirect to, but until then, I wanted to share a quick update. 

Happy Holidays! 


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