My Self Care Routine | Featuring Mantra Mask's Hemp CBD Eye Gels

My self-care routine has changed immensely over the years. While I used to dedicate a few nights a week back in college. I now use my self-care routine as a way to get ready for the weekend or the week ahead. This probably isnt a popular practice, but I like to mix my cleaning routine with my self-care routine. While I don't love cleaning by any means, I love the feeling of resetting my space. I'm a huge believer that my physical space being decluttered helps to keep my mental to-do list in order. 

I typically follow this routine just before the weekend, so that I don't have to worry about cleaning and can spend time with family and friends, or just relax if I had a hectic week. I'll spend time in between tasks unwinding, or some things I do simultaneously. For instance, I'll typically listen to a podcast throughout my routine. 

  • Listen to a podcast
    • I've been loving Manifest with Tori DeSimone, Tori runs her own spin studio business which now has 2 locations, she also has a YouTube channel. I started following her when I was younger and very into YouTube and it's been awesome to see her grow and evolve into a business owner. Her podcasts are super conversational, she typically chats about her spin studios, shows she's been loving, and her beauty routine. I find her podcasts super relatable and just love that many of the topics are light and feel like chatting with a friend. 
  • Do a Face and or Eye Mask
    • With city polution and other stressors, I find that applying a mask gives my skin the reset it needs.
    • I've been really enjoying the Mantra Mask Hemp CBD Coconut Eye Gels with Lavender (gifted). The Lavender scent is amazing and so relaxing. I love that using this mask doubles as aromatherapy. I think my dark circles are hereditary, but I have found that caffeine and hyaluronic acid are key ingredients and can be a huge help. These eye masks also include niacinamide, which can help with inflammation, and encapsulated CBD. 
  • Home Fragrance
    • It depends on the day, but I'll typically light a candle, incense, or use my diffuser. I purchased an oil at the Club Med Spa while we were on our honeymoon, and love how diffusing it takes me back to getting a facial and massage in their spa. The scent just triggers relaxation and helps me unwind.
  • Turn on 'Personal Focus' 
    • I use the personal focus setting in my iPhone to help cut down on unnecessary notifications. You can customize the settings to your liking, but outside of anyone that may contact me in an emergency I tend to mute my texts, emails, and social media so I can really unplug. 
  • Make a coffee or a fun drink
    • Depending on the time of day I'll make myself a little treat like a lavender latte, or a brown sugar boba. I'll also fill up my hydro flask to ensure I'm sipping water throughout my routine. 
  • Chores
    • I tend to space out my chores, and I'll read, listen to a podcast or play a game on my switch.
      • Vaccum my Apartment
      • Start the Laundry
      • Make the Bed
      • Dust
      • Give the bathroom & kitchen a clean
I'd love to hear in the comments how you spend your self-care days! Let's chat below. :)

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