Green Goo Part Two :)

After a hard workout at the gym I've been reaching for Green Goo's Forest Bar. I've used Green Goo products before and they never disappoint. I'm becoming increasingly aware of additives and unnatural ingredients in my beauty products so I love that Green Goo is made with all-natural herbs and essential oils. I also love the fuss free packaging since it's recyclable. Green Goo is also a woman owned, family business. All amazing things and factors I'm starting to look for when shopping!
Thank you Green Goo for sending this my way! 

The Forest Bar is Cedar and Sage scented, it's fresh, clean, and woodsy. It's the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life! This soap also contains bran and oatmeal providing exfoliation. I particularly love that it's chock full of essential oils. I have two tattoos now and am obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated so that my tattoos stay in prime condition, longer.

If you're interested in giving the Forest Bar a try, or any of Green Goos other products you can check them out here!


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