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If you haven't read my last post yet, you may not know that I've been overhauling my skincare routine and it has made a major difference. My skin hasn't looked this clear in ages. Thanks to a few new additions to my routine, my skin is looks and feels incredibly healthy. 

Oxygenetix is a line of oxygen enriched skincare products, that have been dermatologically tested, and are also cruelty free. I received a sample of the Oxygenetix foundation in the shade cream, and have been using it over the past week or so. 

These photos are upon first use, I wanted to test how the foundation wore throughout the day. Oxygenetix is meant to be more breathable than typical foundation so I tested it throughout a full day of work, and then at the gym. (I was also testing a new under eye concealer from a different brand, looking back at these photos I see now that its way too yellow. 😱). 

I am definitely impressed by this foundation, it lasts all day and didn't appear "patchy" in the places it inevitably wore off at the gym. I class this more as skincare than foundation, but found that after my first day of using this product my problem areas cleared up. The acne on my chin healed, and the dryness subsided. I think I owe my clear skin to this foundation, and my new skincare routine.  

I love that Oxygenetix had buildable coverage, feels light on my skin (like I'm not even wearing makeup), and endures all day. 

I also wore Oxygenetix on a night out, a few days after the photos above. The rooftop lounge had heat lamps, hence the red glow, but you can see that my chin appears smoother than in my first photos. 

I would definitely recommend this foundation if you have problematic skin, I feel more confident with or without makeup thanks to Oxygenetix. 


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