Getting Fit While Keeping Cravings at Bay with Stabilyze

I've been taking some much needed time away from my blog these past few months, and instead have turned to another past time for some post work relaxation, I may not be in front of a computer screen as often but that doesn't mean I've stopped testing out products for you guys!

I've spoken a bit about my new found love for the gym in some recent posts, but now that I'm seeing results I am obsessed! I'm constantly researching protein types, smoothie/shake recipes, new exercises to try, and meal planning. Meal prep is something that I still struggle with from time to time, as some weeks are busier and more stressful than others.

Most days I tend to forget a pre-gym snack, or fail to pack enough protein into my lunch. This leaves me hungryyyyy. So I was overjoyed when Stabilyze sent me a selection of their protein bars to try!
Thank you Stabilyze
Stabilyze is a premium nutrition and protein bar company that creates bars in a range of delicious flavors. This was important to me, because I could cut out the "sweet treats" I was craving towards the end of the day. Stabilyze bars have 8g of fiber, are low in net carbs, and contain 21 vitamins and minerals. You can find more information about Stabilyze nutrition here.

My favorite flavor is dark chocolate coconut cashew, it reminded me of my favorite candy bar, but also kept me full, focused, and ready to head to the gym. I would definitely recommend these for curbing your sugar intake, weight management, or for managing hypoglycemia. Thanks Stablilyze for allowing me to give these a try! 

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