Post Graduation; Coping with Workplace Stress

Entry level positions are the norm for recent college graduates, but I decided to move closer to my boyfriend of three years, and pursue a career that isn't quite what most 21-year olds would go for. If you're new, or haven't seen my last few (kind of sporadic) posts (again... 9-5 lol) I am now an account manager at a marketing agency. 

I really value this job and don't think its appropriate to be specific about my stress, everyone has overwhelming days at work after all, but in the interest of this post I do want to talk a little about my experience. 

I am the type of person who got pretty good grades in school, I was on and off the Dean's List, and am a member of the communications honor society, Lambda Pi Eta. I am proud of my achievements, and proud of my work. While this is all well and good in the academic world, once I jumped into a 9-5 some things changed. For one, I work at a very small company and am currently the only Account Manager... so when things are in full-swing for my clients. They are for me too. I'm right in the middle of a huge project at the moment, and I am acting as their account manager, web developer, support, graphic designer, social media manager... pretty much every title within communications and marketing I can think of. Most days I really do love what I do. But sometimes it can be really hard to prioritize and I become extremely stressed. 

I think sharing my methods to destress may help others or maybe you can share your tips in the comments below and we can start a little forum to help each other. 

  • Hot Yoga
    • My friend and I bought a Groupon last month and began attending hot yoga classes. At first it was really difficult and I wasn't used to the heat. I also hadn't worked out in months. A few weeks later and I can see a visible change in my body, I've toned a bit, am more flexible, and have adapted to the heat. I really look forward to these classes now, and think Groupon is a great place to start when looking for a studio, especially on a recent grad budget. Keep your eyes open for a what's in my gym bag post.
  • Walks
    • On my lunch break I go on a walk after I eat which is usually about a half hour. Talking with a friend and getting a little bit of light exercise in really helps me get through the day. I have a friend who works in the same office building so we try to align our breaks to eat together and go on walks. When I'm unable to do this calling a friend or family member helps me relieve stress too, talking to someone about something other than what's going on in your office helps give your mind a little break. 
I was so excited to get this new gadget I immediately snapped a pic
  • Aromatherapy
    • Recently, ArtNaturals sent me this awesome little diffuser and I have been loving it. It's quiet, shuts off automatically once it runs out of water and even has other features like a clock, and bluetooth speakers. I have been using Signature Chi essential oils blend most days, but also like Lavender and Zen. I only use 2-3 drops of oil in my diffuser since I have a small cubicle and don't want the scent to be too overpowering. For larger rooms the instructions say 5 drops is sufficient. I've gotten complements on it already! When filled up to the max line I have gotten up to two days of use out of the water inside and I usually run it for 3 hours before and after lunch a day. I also love that there is a timer so I don't forget to turn it off before I head out to lunch. 
    • Funny enough I was eyeing this online before I was surprised with the arrival of this box, and I'm so impressed with how its worked out and I really do think this helps me out in my work day. 
    • I plan on purchasing Neroli oil for my diffuser, when I worked at Lush during college I learned that it's very uplifting. I've been exploring some of the other oils included with my diffuser, and I'm excited to learn about the benefits of the others such as frankincense and eucalyptus. 
    • I definitely want to purchase an extra to have at home, I'm obsessed and use this daily since I received it. 
  • Music
    • Most of my coworkers play music in their offices, so I downloaded Spotify to my work computer and listen at certain times of the day. I have a few playlists set up that I listen to the most, but I also like 'New Music Friday's' and my Daily Mixes since they tend to be categorized into my 5 most listened to styles of music. I like to get my day started with music, it also helps me focus a bit more.
  • Indulgent Snacks
    • Since I have been doing yoga, and am usually preparing my own meals I have taken to eating healthy. I have always tried to remain as healthy as possible, but it's become a priority in my life. I like to reward myself throughout the day with a healthy snack. I usually sip on coconut water throughout the day to keep hydrated for yoga, will have a salad, soup, wrap, or some sort of pasta for lunch and have a healthy granola bar or oatmeal cup at some point during the day. Making sure I feed my body nutritious foods at the right intervals throughout the day has helped me remain focused on work, and more alert. Making sure you eat (properly) is a good way to avoid crankiness which is something you really need to steer clear of especially in marketing when you're communicating with clients so often through the day. 
    • I keep a small stack on my desk of different options to snack on throughout the week, to keep myself from getting bored with my routine. 
What are some of your tips for keeping calm during your 9-5, leave a comment below!

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