Art Naturals| A Cruelty Free Review & Brand Feature

If you haven't seen my last post yet be sure to check it out, I've been absolutely obsessed with using my Art Naturals Diffuser, and I finally wanted to share my thoughts on the other products they so kindly sent me. 

I was super excited to give all of these products a try, but I think I was most excited for the argan oil hair mask. I'm in the process of moving as I feel like I keep saying (it's been a long month) and I'm sharing my time between upstate NY and Long Island. The water upstate is much more mineral rich and "harder" than what I'm used to back home on LI. My hair was in desperate need of a little TLC. I've been using this 1-2 times a week since I received it and I think it's done wonders for my hair. Especially since I tend to over wash it, thanks to my new obsession with hot yoga. This product is super easy to use. I just wash my hair in the shower, cleanse etc, and then wring out the excess water and work this product through my hair, leaving it on for 5 minutes. I'll usually turn off the water and do something else for 5 minutes, like brush my teeth, before I come back to rinse it out. My hair feels the best is has in months and I see a bit less fallout as well. 

Coffee scrubs are a holy grail product of mine, so I was very happy that Art Naturals sent this my way. I occasionally use this on my face, and I also use it before shaving or tanning. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. 

I don't know about you guys but I have been having such a hard time finding one of these black peel off masks from a cruelty free company! This was the first product I tried when I opened my PR package from ArtNaturals and it definitely did not disappoint. I always cleanse before and after using this product, to prime the skin for application, and then make sure it has been completely removed. This has made a major difference in the appearance of my pores. Whenever I use this I see that any sebum clogged areas are lessened and it's made my skin so soft! 

Last but not least, ArtNaturals sent me a sea salt spray, this spray is meant to texturize and volumize your hair to give you gorgeous beachy waves. Let me start out by saying my hair almost never holds a curl so I didn't have high hopes for this product. When I used this product I would wash, and towel dry my hair, then spray and brush the product through, I would then part my hair into two sections and braid my hair as tightly as possible. I think part of the issue is that I just have a lot of hair, so two sections/braids isn't enough. I am definitely going to try again and braid my hair into 3-4 sections next attempt. With 2 braids I did see some slight hold and definition, but the waves were not exactly what I wanted. Again, I think this is just the nature of my hair, and how I chose to braid it. I think this is a great product if your hair naturally can hold a nice wave or curl, I also think this would be great for guys who want that tousled look. I did notice that unlike other beach sprays I tried, my hair wasn't crunchy, and after washing it out my hair still felt healthy most likely thanks to the coconut oil :) 

Thanks so much to ArtNaturals for sending these my way, after trying a range of their products I would definitely recommend giving them a try too!  Do you have a favorite ArtNaturals product? Let me know in the comments! 

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