"Mindful Unmasking" with Smoothie Beauty

On July 15th my friend and I went to our first Mindful Unmasking session at Canal Street Market in Soho, New York. When I began working full time I also took up hot yoga and have been super interested in the practice. Since I've been looking at yoga and activewear sites so often I came across a mindful unmasking ad on Facebook and signed myself and my friend up. (thanks lead ads😁) 
I'm so glad we were apart of this lovely event, I had such a nice time and it was a great way to start out my Saturday. First we were guided through the practice by Sunina, she was wonderful and I felt such great energy through the entire session. 

About a third of the way through the session we were led through our masking by Stephanie who is the founder of Smoothie Beauty. The masks are organic and made with food ingredients such as fresh fruits and yogurt, Smoothie Beauty is also cruelty free. I used the Soothing Seaside mask and loved it! It was ultra cooling (since it is a refrigerated product) but it also just felt amazing using something with such pure ingredients. My skin felt very soft and clean afterwards. 

After we applied our mask we spent some time in savasana, and a few other self reflective poses. After a few minutes we removed the masks with some of Stephanie's homemade cucumber water towelettes. They were so refreshing! We then followed up with a Smoothie Beauty toner and a moisturizer. Stephanie and Sunina provided some awesome serums and moisturizers to try. The entire experience was very refreshing, it was so awesome to work on my yoga practice with other likeminded women. We even got a mini smoothie afterwards from Lulu's which is one of the adorable stalls inside the market. 
I can't wait to get to another session, if you'd like to enroll in one check out their eventbrite. Check out my Instagram for more pictures of my day in Soho. 

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