Testing Out Model's Own Products| A Cruelty Free Review

Finding a nice cruelty free highlighter has been quite the challenge, I have been aiming to use solely cruelty free products for about a year now but have yet to find a highlighter I love. Enter Model's Own, I wasn't previously aware MO was cruelty free until I received one of their press kits. I'm so happy that they are in fact cf, and I cant wait to try out more of their products. 
I couldn't resist immediately tearing into this gorgeous package. 
Model's Own is based in the UK and was previously pretty hard to come by in the states. Model's Own is now available at Ulta and on the Ulta website, which is awesome because I frequent Ulta for a lot of my beauty products. 
Love this packaging!!

The first product I tried out was the Model's Own Sculpt and Glow Highlighter Powder, and like I said I haven't had the best experience with cf highlighters so I didn't have high hopes. In the past I would skip highlighter all together just because I was so fed up with chalky powders. I absolutely love this highlighter, this is something I have been reaching for every time I do my makeup. The color is buildable so you have the choice to be very subtle or have a blinding highlight. It's all up to you! I think this color would look beautiful on a wide range of skin tones, its that perfect champagne-y gold shade. If you like more pink highlighters I would definitely give Peach Pearl a try!
Golden Sand 01
The second product I got to try was the Lix Matte Liquid Lipstick, this matte lipstick comes in six gorgeous shades. I received two red shades, Candy Cane and Berry Cool. 
Berry Cool (left) and Candy Cane (right) 
The matte lipsticks are mint scented which I like, and the formula is a bit moussey in consistency. The applicator makes this easy to apply, but in my experience I would suggest using a lip liner with this product. (Unfortunately mine is lost somewhere in the move). 
Candy Cane (top) and Berry Cool (bottom) 
Candy Cane is my favorite of the two since it is a very classic red, but Berry Cool would look gorgeous in the fall! 

Overall I really enjoyed these products from Model's Own and look forward to finding more on my next trip to Ulta. Special thanks to Model's Own for sending these over! 

Have you tried any Model's Own products? Let me know your thoughts below!

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