Dew Puff| A Cruelty Free Review

For the past few weeks I have been testing out Dew Puff, a Konjac facial cleansing sponge. These sponges are made from pure plant fibers and can be used daily for gentle exfoliation. You can use it with just water or add cleanser. 

On days that I don't use makeup I have been using this on its own and have found it quite refreshing, but just for piece of mind that I am removing absolutely everything from my skin especially on days I wear makeup I prefer to use this with cleanser. I have been using my favorite from CBD for Life. (PS- I have been using that cleanser at least twice a day since my first post... 3 MONTHS AGO!... and Im just now getting to the end of the tube)
The Konjac Sponge I was immediately drawn to trying out first was the bamboo charcoal version since I have blemish prone skin, but there is also an original for all skin types (gentle enough for babies) and asian clay for dry and aging skin. 
I have really been enjoying using this in my routine. My morning routine has changed a bit since I started working full time and am in the midst of moving. The easier the better. So throwing this little sponge into my shower caddy has made cleansing super quick. 
My skin felt noticeably softer after my first use of this sponge. I also like that this air dries very quickly. I just hang it up in between uses. The product can also be easily sanitized, by microwaving it (wet) for sixty seconds. 
I will hopefully have a gym essentials post up... but recently I have been trying new things like hot yoga and I finally got myself back into a kickboxing class. So I plan on throwing the asian clay one into my gym bag for post-workout cleansing. I will hopefully have a post up soon about my other post-gym essentials. 
Let me know about any new cf products you've been loving lately in the comments below! 

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