My Self Tanning Routine (Featuring Skinny Tan)

After a few weeks of tanning posts its probably no secret to you that I enjoy my faux glow. I wanted to share with you all exactly how I achieve it as well as review a product that is new to my tanning arsenal. 

Skinny Tan is a natural, cruelty free tanning product that is formulated to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. While I don't have a ton of cellulite to speak of, I have noticed that a tan does help minimize what is there and Skinny Tan contains guarana to help even further. Skinny Tan kindly sent me their Body Mousse, 7-Day Tanner, and two Mini Face Application Mitts to test out. 

I have never had mini face mitts and I felt that these helped me better apply the tanner to my face, usually I just did my face last with a teeny bit of the product on my regular large mitt, but I think I will be sticking to these for my face now! 
Both of these tanners worked equally well for me, if you have dry skin I would stick to the 7-day tanner however since it is more of a lotion consistency. They both were quick drying and smelled lovely. I would use these interchangeably in my routine. They both had nice, natural looking color pay off as well. 

Ok so on to how I actually apply my tanner. 

  1. I always self tan at night, so I will take a shower right before and exfoliate. One of my favorite scrubs at the moment is a homemade coconut oil and coffee scrub. You can find recipes for this all over the internet, but as a quick reference here is one from The Coconut Mama. After I exfoliate I will shave if I need to, wash my hair, cleanse, and towel dry. 
  2. After I shower I dry my hair, wet hair dripping on to freshly self-tanned skin can cause streaking and patches so I avoid that by making sure I'm completely dry. 
  3. After my hair and body is completely dry I apply my tanner. I use about two pumps (if I'm using mousse) to the mitt for each leg, one pump for each arm, and probably about 3 total for my chest/torso and two for my back. I would say a pump of mousse is maybe equivalent to a quarter sized amount of the lotion version. 
  4. These products have a guide color so its very easy to see if you've applied it evenly and it's been very easy for me to correct any areas that I've noticed I have missed. When applying tanner on my elbows and knees I first keep them straight, and then re-cover the area with those joints bent. This just helps to make sure you get to those hard to reach areas. 
  5. I then make sure the product is completely dry, and then put on some loose fitting pjs. 
  6. In the morning I tie my hair up and cleanse my skin again in the shower, this washes off the guide color and then I'm left with a gorgeous glow. 
  7. If I need to boost the color after a few days I will either reapply the tanner (usually after about 3-4 days) or use a gradual tanner daily. 
Have any tips for self tanning? Leave them below! ☀


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