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Hello everyone! If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel you may know that I have been in Puerto Rico for the past week. I was visiting family and spent a few mornings at the beach. I even vlogged the experience. If you're interested make sure you click through the link I've left of the video below and give it a thumbs up! 👍💕
Today I wanted to share a few reviews of essential vacation items, and also update you on some products I used in the past and how they worked in a different climate. 
Because I'd be about as good a model as this fence.🏄😂
On my first beach day I pulled out a swim suit from AMI Clubwear. (I was kindly sent this in exchange for an honest review.) I received this plaid two piece, which is a dupe for a designer pattern. The sizes definitely run small in this swimsuit, especially with the top. In most swimsuits (for reference I usually purchase mine from Victoria's Secret or Target) I am a medium so I checked the size guide and assumed I would be that size in this swimsuit. I think I would actually be a large, so going one size up is advised. The top unfortunately didn't fit at all, so I swapped out the top in favor of a dark gray halter style I already owned(similar). The two actually paired really nicely together. 
Although I didnt have any issues with it I did notice that the bottoms are unlined, but I think most suits of this price range would be constructed similarly. The stitching seems to be very strong however. Overall I really liked these swim bottoms and would recommend this style for the bottoms alone. I love the pattern and think my beach look was on point that day. 
As well as making sure my sunscreen is cruelty free, I always make sure that it is free of oxybenzone. I read an article years ago talking about how it can potentially disrupt hormones and cause cancer, and ever since I have made sure to thoroughly check the ingredients in sun products. Cyberderm reached out to me about their sunscreen and I jumped at the chance to try it out. Both CF and oxybenzone free sun products are surprisingly hard to come by. Oxybenzone and other UVB sunscreen ingredients also don't offer enough protection as compared to UVA sunscreens. 
According to Dr. Denis Dudley President & CEO of Cyberderm;

Many MDs, caregivers and most patients are still unaware that oxybenzone,
avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, regular octinoxate, 4-methyl
benzilidene camphor, and others attain blood and tissue levels. Some bind to
receptors in the brain, are known or suspected hormone disruptors and are
implicated in diverse reproductive and endocrine disorders and several cancers.

The similarity between tanning bed exposure that increases your risk of skin cancer and aging to using a UVB-biased sunscreen either on vacation or every day – is a fact that escapes our regulators, most physicians (including dermatologists), and the cosmetic industry. Vacation exposure over 2 weeks using a UVB-biased sunscreen doubles the radiation you receive compared to 10- eight minute tanning bed sessions. (Diffey et al). This recent study proves that the wrong sunscreen - UVB-biased - may be more dangerous than tanning bed exposure. Both provide asymmetric UVA radiation to your skin. The vacation model is more acute and intense but what about everyday exposure if using a UVB-biased sunscreen?

I tried both types of sunscreen Cyberderm provided me with while in Puerto Rico and found that both formulations felt light on the skin, not caked or thick, and the zinc formula did not appear white on the skin (which is common with zinc sunscreens. I also used these on my face and did not find that they broke me out. The consistency of this product is also very unique in that it has a somewhat whipped feel to it. I enjoyed using this product and am proud to be able to share the information Dr. Dudley and the other creators of Cyberderm have shared with me. 
SIBU Sea Berry Oil
If you read last weeks post you'll know I have been testing out SIBU's Sea Berry Oil. I felt that it worked super well in Puerto Rico's climate. I was using this in place of a moisturizer and felt that it delivered the perfect amount of moisture without feeling heavy. It also helped to soothe any breakouts overnight. I also topped this off with Skineral's Topazanite Spray, and felt that they spray helped to soothe any irritation from freshly washing my face, and helped to cool me off. I also think it may have helped the Sea Berry Oil absorb a bit more too! 
Travel Ready
Another item I'm happy I packed was my Savvy Travelers jet set pack. I especially thought the lens wipes came in handy for my sunglasses, and I was happy to know I had deodorant wipes in my bag just in case I felt I needed to freshen up. 
The last product I want to talk about is face wipes. Now normally I'm not a huge advocate for face wipes. If I use them I will cleanse again after because there is no way a wipe got all of the makeup, and oil off my face. While at home I had been using Yes To Cotton's Micellar Water, and didnt bring it with me on vacation for fear it would explode in my luggage. ... I wasn't careful enough because my tea tree oil exploded instead. 😒 
Anyway, while I was in Puerto Rico I stopped in a drug store and picked up a pack of the wipes in the same formulation. I really enjoyed using these because I know this formula helps to calm my rosacea a bit and always leaves my skin feeling pretty clean. While I was away I wore zero makeup which was super refreshing, but midday my skin always felt kinda oily and gross so I would use one of these wipes. This also helped cut back on the breakouts I got, since I was able to clean up between cleansing. I would definitely recommend these for those with rosacea, oily skin, sensitive skin, or if you're just traveling to a hotter climate. 
Hope you all enjoyed the holiday if you celebrated, or at least had some great weather where you are! Let me know in the comments what some of your vacation essentials are. 

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