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For the entire year that I have been striving to be as cruelty free as possible, the one product I couldn't seem to find was a cruelty free nail polish remover. If you have been following my blog for awhile Savvy Travelers should be a familiar name. I posted about their subscription service a few months ago. I was super excited when Savvy Travelers reached out to me again about their Jet Set Kit,  Lift Offz (nail polish remover wipes), and Take Offz (3-in-1 facial cleansing wipe). 
Take Offz 

As someone who is working in the retail environment; the recycled air has made my skin somewhat dry and irritated during my shift. I normally keep a packet of facial wipes in my workspace to refresh my skin after a particularly labor intensive shift, or just as a pick me up especially if I went makeup free that day. 
This product impressed me the most out of the care package Savvy Travelers graciously sent over. These makeup removing wipes cleanse, tone, and moisturize all in one step! The wipes I had been previously using at work would clean my face well enough, but I never really felt refreshed after using them since they didn't give me any other benefit aside from cleansing. I will definitely continue to use Take Offz and highly recommend that you give them a try. 
Lift Offz
These are the first cruelty free nail polish removal products I have tried, and as someone who is used to drenching a cotton ball in an acetone solution the idea of using a wipe was a bit foreign to me. These feel much drier since you're not drenching a cotton ball or pad in anything, and because of that I feel they take a bit more work to scrub your polish off but it's worth it knowing that no animals were harmed when this product was being made. I also felt that the serum left by the product kept my cuticles feeling nice and moisturized. One packet of Lift Offz works to remove an entire manicure (all ten digits), and I think it may even work to remove a pedicure if you work quickly. 
Jet Set
The Jet Set kit includes four varieties of wipes. You get four of each variety in a  pack. These will definitely come in handy on my next trip and are the perfect size for carry on luggage. 
In addition to being cruelty free the Savvy Travelers line of products is made using renewable solar energy, biodegradable, and woman owned. Their line of products is incredibly convenient and highly recommended by 'A Cruelty Free Me'.

What's your opinion?

  1. I'm so glad you reviewed these as I've been looking for some nail varnish remover wipes after buying some on an american crusie ship. They're so convenient, but I couldn't get them in the Uk. I like the idea of cruelty free too. I'll give them a try :)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment June, hope you have an amazing time on your cruise!


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