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Good morning everyone! I had such a busy week and wanted to make sure I posted a new review for you all today at the latest. I had two interviews for positions post graduation, and I got invitations for  second round interviews at both companies. I am incredibly excited, fingers crossed! This morning I am taking it slow as a result. It's finally warm enough to keep the windows open for a bit which is worrisome for February, but I'm not complaining. 
I had read an article a few weeks ago about Vitamin E and how it is a staple in Khloe Kardashian's makeup routine, and while it's not often you see the Kardashians without makeup I would like to think that underneath that Khloe has glowing skin. After all, her makeup always looks so smooth. So for about a week I slathered pure Vitamin E oil on my skin... and being that it's a heavy oil I broke out more. 💀I still just felt that I was doing something wrong though and maybe I should be mixing the oil with something else, using less, using more... something. Vitamin E oil can be great for scaring so what I really wanted was to fade the hyper pigmentation and small scars from past acne. But the pure Vitamin E oil wasn't cutting it. Instead I have been using it on my legs post shaving, and to moisturize my tattoo (interchangeably with coconut oil). 
Recently I received what I assume is a new release from Frownie's in the mail, their Advanced Formula Vitamin E Serum. I was a bit skeptical since I had tried Vitamin E Oil and failed to see any positive changes, but I really liked the past Frownie's products I had tried and the word 'serum' gave me hope that this product wouldn't be so heavy. 

Fortunately I was correct. I have been using this product every night for the past few weeks and I really like it. One to two pumps in the palm of my hand are enough, and I just pat it into my skin. The product claims to help promote both the drying out and healing of acne, and I have seen it do just that. I have been wearing more makeup than usual this week, so I haven't seen less breakouts. But the ones I have gotten are smaller and have quickly dried up because of this product. I do have rosacea on my nose, which you may have noticed in some of my videos, I haven't seen an difference in the redness there but I do find that rosacea requires a bit more time to calm than acne. 
The packaging also claims that this product is great for rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and as an aftersun treatment.  I am excited to bring this on vacation next month and try it out on the inevitable sunburn I will get. 😅⛅
Thanks Frownies for sending me this product to test out, I am always super thankful for anything that  has a positive impact on my acne. 

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