My Wanderlust List

With graduation approaching fast I have found myself daydreaming about what things will be like post May. I plan on renting an apartment a bit closer to the city, and closer to where I think I will be working (which will hopefully be set well before then). I'm constantly on Pinterest, the Urban Outfitters, CB2, Target, and Ikea sites looking for decor inspiration for small spaces.

Another thing I have been giving a lot of thought lately is traveling. I had been fortunate enough to travel to two foreign countries while I have been in college. I spent a semester abroad in London, England, and also traveled with my boyfriend and his family to Trim, Ireland for a wedding. These are both places I would love to return to but I also have a few more destinations on my list for the next few years.

  1. Greece
    • The Greek coastline looks absolutely breathtaking. I love the beach and anything to do with the water, being a Long Island native, so the beautiful Mediterranean coastline looks like a dream. I also love the architecture of the buildings in these areas, the beautiful white facades are such a nice contrast to the water. 
  2. Australia
    • Sydney in particular is an area of interest to me, again I find the waterfront beautiful! I would love to sail around the harbor. 
  3. New Zealand
    • I would love to visit New Zealand for a reason completely different to my first two Wanderlust locations. New Zealand has a gorgeous, lush, green landscape. I have seen gorgeous photos of Lake Tekapo online. It is also where The Hobbit was filmed, the set remains and looks like it would be so cool to explore!
  4. Belize
    • My main reason for wanting to travel to this location is the oceanfront palm thatched roof huts better known as bungalows. I think it would be absolutely amazing to wake up and walk outside your bungalow in the morning and dip your feet in the crystal blue ocean. 
What are your dream vacation destinations? Leave me a comment below! 


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