Melati Bath & Body| Cruelty Free Review

I'm so excited to share this review with you all today! I have been using these products for the last two weeks and I think they are absolutely fabulous.

Melati is a brand that is based in DUMBO Brooklyn, New York and is owned by Leah who was so kind and sent me this adorable gift set. Leah started Melati as an alternative to common household soaps and skincare products that are made with animal byproducts. Leah's products are vegan (free from animal products) as well as being cruelty free.

One of the first thing's I noticed about these products is how amazing they smell! Many popular brands of skincare have an artificial scent to them. These Melati products are made with essential oils and smell incredibly fresh.

I am loving the consistency of this lavender scented body butter. It's very thick (like a whipped mousse consistency) and feels both moisturizing and nourishing when applied to the skin. It's perfect after shaving! 

Last night I tried the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Dark Forest Soap for the first time and I loved them. Really, something that feels this pure is hard to find. You could tell the products are rich in essential oils and that is what I enjoyed most about this entire range of products. 

I also was curious about Melati's history, so I posed a few questions for Leah.

How did Melati begin?

It was started when I heard the news that some commercial soaps, including the one that I used, are made with animal oils. Unhappy to hear this fact, I went to my grandfather who owned soap manufacturing in Jakarta in (the) 1960s for advice. With his knowledge and my own research, I began making soaps. As of today my products include soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, body butters, solid perfumes, and sachets. 
What does Melati mean? Is the name symbolic?
Melati means jasmine in Indonesian. The word always reminds me of my childhood. When I was little, my family lived with my grandparents and they had a jasmine tree in their courtyard. My sister and I picked a few jasmines at night and put them on my grandmother's pillow.
What inspires you to create new product?
I love to travel. I'm always thinking of myself as my customers. What issues do they have when traveling? If they have the issue of motion sickness, the new fragrance should have peppermint oil; stress during business traveling... lavender or chamomile oil; Travel with carry on luggage... make liquid products into solid. 
What is your favorite product and what would you recommend someone to try if they are new to your brand?
I would say body butter. Melati body butter is not greasy, quickly melts into your skin making it smooth and soft, and doesn’t have overpowering smell that can be offensive to other people.  

I would recommend you try any of Melati's products especially if you love essential oils as much as I do, or are looking for a beautiful gift. The package Leah sent me was an absolutely perfect way to wind down after work and school this week. Thank you! 

Comment down below what some of your favorite ways to destress are, and make sure to check out Leah's shop. 💭💖


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