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A Colorful Mural by @WoodZArt 
I've only been to Brooklyn once, and that was for my trip to HP. I have been growing more and more intrigued by Brooklyn since beginning to send my resume to various companies in the New York City area for after graduation, and my rewatching of Gossip Girl (sorry not sorry). 
Becca, who I have been in contact with through the blogosphere since our collaborative posts (xx) last year, and I decided to meet up and embark on a 'Made in Brooklyn Tour' given by Dom Gervasi. I don't want to give away every stop on the tour, but Becca and I had such an awesome time checking out all the shops and hearing about different landmarks in the area. I would recommend everyone take a tour from Dom, even if you're native to the area. 
We first met up at Little Choc Apothecary, which is a short walk from the J train. Becca and I sipped our tea, and tried some of their yummy vegan desserts. The staff there was so friendly and even asked us about our blogs when they overheard us chatting about our rebranding. (If you didn't already know Becca's blog The Fit Foodnista is now Tea with B.) I will definitely be visiting again soon, Little Choc had such a warm and friendly atmosphere it was the perfect way to begin the day.
My Matcha Latte from Little Choc
Some of my favorite things to see in Brooklyn are the incredible murals and street art. We saw a ton on our walk, and Dom even taught us the history behind each piece. 

Dom, a Brooklyn native, was a wealth of information and I cannot wait to take another tour with him!
My award-winning tours all stick with the "Made in Brooklyn" theme and I consider Made in Brooklyn Tours a tourism marketing vehicle for local businesses. All my tours celebrate entrepreneurial start-ups and small businesses literally "makin' it in Brooklyn" today - everything from consumer electronics gadgets to works of glass. And we honor the entrepreneurs behind name brands like Corning Glass, Mack Truck and Pfizer that began in Brooklyn during the Industrial Revolution. -Dom Gervasi
It was so interesting to hear about Brooklyn's industrial roots, and to visit local artisans who are 'makin' it!

Something I love about tours is meeting other people who are also experiencing the sights for the first time with you. Michael was such a joy to talk to, Becca and I learned a bit about Australian politics and taught him about American politics and the awesomeness known as Funfetti. 😂
Becca, Me, and our new friend Michael

Dom, Becca, and I at one of the fun stops on the tour
As I said, I don't want to give away all the details of the tour because you should definitely experience this for yourself, but keep an eye out for a future review post on some cruelty free skincare I purchased on the trip! Head over to my instagram to see more photos from the tour! 

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