December Favorites

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family or at least maybe a relaxing day off. During winter intercession I have been trying to get through the stack of books, magazines, and PR kits I have acquired but didn't have time to read during the semester. A few things stuck out to me and I wanted to share them with you along with some recent purchases!

December Favorites
  • Teen Vogue's December 2016 Issue; Now I realize I'm probably a bit old to be flipping through the pages of Teen Vogue but thanks to Verizon Smart Rewards (which I suggest looking into if you're a Verizon customer) I seem to have an unending subscription. Teen Vogue has disappointed me over the past few years, they began selling more adspace and focusing their stories soley on movie shoots and catwalks. ---That's fine, they are a fashion magazine after all, but I felt that they lost substance along the way. I had been letting any Teen Vogue Issues that arrived at my door sit in a pile. This weekend I took the train to the city and grabbed the December issue on my way out the door just for something to flip through. Although the magazine has gotten thinner since my first time reading at 12 years old, I was so impressed with the content in this issue. Being that the articles were written during the election there were articles about privilege, feminism, and there was even one about literature. Teen Vogue is once again something I'm proud to be reading. 

  • Rebecca Minkoff's Mini Mac; I am in love with this little bag. If you've followed me for awhile you'll know that Rebecca Minkoff is my go to designer when looking for a new bag. I've wanted a Mini Mac for a few years now and was so excited to receive one for Christmas (Thanks Mom💖). Mine is in a deep burgundy red with silver hardware. The strap is the perfect length for wearing it cross body and it's the perfect size for a city bag. I can easily fit my backup charger, iPhone, card holder, chapstick and keys with room to spare. 
  • Calvin Klein Faux Fur Knit Hat; I have been looking for the perfect slouchy hat for ages and I am in love with this white one! It's so comfy and super warm! There's also a similar style (sold here) with a pom pom.
  • We Are Mooku; The owners of Mooku, an Etsy shop based in the UK, kindly sent me some of their stationary last month. I have been loving this weekly goals chart and highly suggest checking out their shop. Their designs are beautiful, and minimal; something I really appreciate in stationary. This chart is perfect for helping you keep those resolutions throughout the new year! 
If you haven't noticed, I went ahead on began rebranding. My blog (formerly Simply Luxe) is now called A Cruelty Free Me, a title that is a bit more relevant. I hope you all enjoy the changes that are to come! 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments. Have a happy and healthy 2017. 💋 Also be sure to enter my giveaway


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