Thrive Market Haul Collaboration with The Fit Foodnista

Good Morning, afternoon, evening; whenever you're reading this I hope you've been having a good day! This week Becca (+Rebecca Glasser-Baker) and I have decided to collaborate on a post. This was our first time ordering from Thrive Market, a website that specializes in wholesome products for every lifestyle. I recently became a Thrive affiliate, but I want to note that this post is not sponsored. We each tried some different products from Thrive Market and gave our feedback on each other's blogs. Here are Becca's picks! 

Badger Lip Tint in Rose Tourmaline/Opal Shimmer- This product is adorable and great to throw into a bag. I was extremely excited about this product but sadly, it was rather disappointing. It felt moisturizing on my lips but sadly, it did not give me any shimmer or tint. The opal shimmer gave my lips a dulled shine.

Mongo Kiss Lip Balm in Vanilla Honey- As soon as you open this product, the scent of honey fills your nose. It is mild and sweet but not overwhelming. I have tried products from this brand before and I enjoyed them. It was no surprise to me that I thoroughly enjoyed this product and it’s flavor. It felt pretty moisturizing on my lip, it’s a nice solid lip balm.

Coconut Milk Leave-in conditioner- This product is amazing, as soon as you spray it. It brings you to a tropical paradise. The smell of the summer and the beach can be slightly overwhelming but comforting at the same time. It took me a few sprays to get it working, but after using it my hair felt lightweight and conditioned.

Coconut oil- Coconut oil has always been something that fascinates me. I’ve used it before but sadly, the coconut flavor overwhelmed the dish. So, I was a little nervous about trying this product. However, I used these protein powder bites and it turned out extremely well. I think it really depends on the amount used.

Mango- This is one of my favorite healthy snacks. I am currently obsessed with dried mangos, they are a healthy snack and just so delicious. Unfortunately, they are extremely out of out of season at the moment. This package has smaller pieces than the brand I usually purchase which makes it much easier to eat on the go. However, the texture is slightly different. It’s a lot more difficult to chew, still delicious, but if you have sensitive teeth, this is the not the dried mango for you.

If you would like to read about my haul or see more of Becca please click here! If you're a blogger or YouTuber and would like to become an affiliate, you can sign up here. I had so much fun collaborating on this post with Becca, and really loved the Thrive website! If you're thinking about signing up for a Thrive membership I would highly recommend it, they offer easy access to products for every diet and lifestyle. Check out yesterday's post that I created for the affiliate program, for free coconut oil!

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  1. Love it so much, I think we did a great job! Pleasure working with you <3


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