March Favorites (& a Bit of Girl Talk)

March has been kind of a strange month for me. It has been one of my most hectic, yet lazy months of the semester. All the work seems to be piling on, but it's spring break as I'm writing this so I've thankfully gotten some downtime, some of it lazy and some of it adventurous. As usual I have a monthly favorites post for you all, much of it having to do with health and wellness!

  • Series 8 Fitness Exercise Ball
    • I picked this up at my local Five Below for $5, my goal is to use it a couple times a week to work on my core muscles. I think as finals come around exercising a bit more will help relieve stress. 
  • LOLA Cotton Tampons
    • It may seem a bit strange to some of you that I would include these in a favorites, or on my blog at all, but LOLA was kind enough to send me a box of their natural cotton tampons to try out and post about. Over the past few months, along with trying to transition to cruelty free products, I have been trying to find other things in my routine that could be improved upon... things that may be synthetic and possibly harmful(?). According to their site the FDA regulates feminine products, but does not require companies to list all of the ingredients in their products. The well known brands that make the feminine products we usually pick up at the store use synthetics and dyes. Although I'm personally not aware if this makes a difference, I feel more comfortable using something that is 100% natural, in the long run I believe it will be better for my body. LOLA is also a subscription service, so you can decide on how many you'll need and how often you want them sent to you, plus you can cancel at anytime.  I suggest ordering a box! 
  • Sweet Potato PopChips 
    • I love sweet potatoes in every form, mashed, baked, fried... so it's no surprise these are one of my favorite snacks. Their sweet, salty, crunchy and satisfying. 
  • Matcha Maiden
    • I am not a huge tea drinker, but I saw these cute little packages at Urban Outfitters and I decided to give it a try.  Green Tea in a powdered form is supposedly more beneficial, and is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. I like that drinking matcha means there won't be any tea leaves floating around. Overall I really enjoyed this tea, I also added some to a face mask. The benefits seem to be endless, my next idea is to add some to a smoothie! 
What have been your favorites this past month? 

What's your opinion?

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