Function of Beauty: Personalized Haircare Review

Function of Beauty is a new haircare company based out of Connecticut, their products have been engineered by MIT graduates and are designed specifically for your hair needs. After I saw a Facebook advertisement for the company I knew I had to give the brand a try. Is there really a shampoo that does everything you expect it to? 

For reference these were my answers to the questionnaire that helps formulate your custom product

Hair Profile:

  •  Straight
  • Medium 
  • Oily

  • Fix split ends
  • Strengthen
  • Lengthen
  • Control oil
  • Moisturize

  • Cucumber Mint 

When opening the box, I really loved the packaging. I love that the bottles are personalized with your name, and the presentation reminded me of spa products. I'm not overly fond of the scent I chose, but I'm kind of picky with minty scents and I should have realized that when I chose it. I am growing accustomed to it though. I like that the set comes with a card listing all of the ingredients and recommendations for a regimen.

After using this line of products for three weeks I would say that the shampoo and conditioner set does a good job at cleansing my scalp of oil and kept the ends of my hair free from split ends. The issue with my hair is that the roots tend to get oily after a long day, but the ends become damaged very easily since they were color-treated (C'mon everyone got an ombre this summer). I haven't seen results as far as lengthening my hair yet, but it was recently cut, so it most likely isn't noticeable yet. Usually a few weeks after a cut a bit of damage is apparent near the ends of my hair, but I've noticed that my hair still looks nourished and healthy!  

Overall, I really like this set and would consider buying another in the future. Maybe your shampoo can do it all, I have a feeling custom products like these are going to revolutionize the way we look at haircare... and most likely skincare in the future. Well done Function of Beauty

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