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Last year I had the blessing of spending a semester abroad in London, England. This was a major trip for me, I had loved the idea of England since I was a little girl, growing up with films like 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan. (Let it be known now, that I am a lover of all things Disney.)This was my first time in another country and unlike most programs which you do with a group of people that share your major... I was going on my own. New country No familiar faces. Let the adventure begin.

I had so much fun in my three months abroad, meeting new and interesting people from all over England, parts of Ireland, and all over America. One of the most memorable places I had gone was the day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. History has always been of interest to me, and these were places I never thought I would get to see in person.

Getting the chance to shop in places like the Camden Market and Oxford Street were other great aspects of living in London. I had seen many of my favorite youtube personalities take trips to Oxford Street and Bond Street around the holidays in their vlogs, it was surreal actually being there. (You thought staying on budget at home was bad as a college student? Try having to exchange your currency... and then repressing the need to buy everything) Budgeting aside I loved having the chance to do my pre-departure Christmas shopping in London.

Camden Town is similar to shopping in the markets of New York City, but I would strongly advise you to bring a friend that knows the market well if you plan on shopping for a while. It's easy to get lost. My friends and I were amazed at how many shops there were, more and more seem to appear deeper into the market you trek. Camden was home to anything and everything you could think of buying t-shirts, trinkets, jewelry, homemade decor and was one of the best day trips I had been on.

It's hard to believe that this all happened a year ago, I have been aching to go back ever since but it has given me a new appreciation for New York City and the opportunities that are practically in my backyard. I could adventure around New York and have just as much fun as I did in London. Being abroad taught me a lot but I am especially happy I had the opportunity to not only travel to such an amazing place, but to experience things on my own, and really grow as an individual. As I get older I hope to be fortunate enough to continue traveling, but I know London will always be a favorite city of mine and hold a special place in my heart. 
A Welcome Tea with Campus Ministry 

The Changing of the Guard

Writing my name on the wall outside Abbey Road Studio 

The Roman Baths


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