Managing School Stress//Part 1

With the start of the spring semester quickly approaching I feel like now is a good time to talk about stress management.  Today I tried to sleep in late, just because  I know I wont be doing much of that in the next few months. I vacuumed my room, cleaned every surface and washed all the linens... aside from the curtains, I should really get around to those. I made all my necessary appointments for the next month, edited my work schedule, paid the bills, anything I could possibly think of, I did.

 I feel as if that is the number one tip I could give anyone before the start of school, no matter what year you may be in. Do some spring cleaning beforehand. Take care of all your paperwork, scholarship apps, supply shopping and just general housekeeping before classes start. Even if you dont have a busy schedule sometimes things seem way more stressful than normal just because you are also working around a class schedule.

I can't tell you how much it helps me to have a clean work environment and bedroom to come home to. It makes starting my projects that much easier, and if I'm all caught up its nice to be able to have a clean space to relax in.  So if you are beginning your classes soon here's a little checklist for you to keep the stress at bay.

  • Get your agenda together, write in when scholarship applications are due, when bills are to be paid, when your doctors appt is etc. 
  • Set your alarms for the week.  
  • Clean those sheets
  •  Especially if you have a pet, polish and dust your furniture, the air around you will feel so much cleaner.  
  • Take care of dry cleaning 
  • Pack your backpack/Tote Im usually set with my water bottle, laptop, and a planner for the first day 
  • Set out clothes for the next morning


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