Managing School Stress// Part 2

Inspired by an old post on one of my previous blogs (RIP: Wix), I decided to continue the trend of back to school tips since many of us are return to campus for the spring.
  • I have to get up reasonably early to start my commute, which doesn't leave much time to make breakfast. so my first tip is to find a breakfast option that is quick and easy to make. (Don't skip breakfast) Lately my go-to favorite is a fruit smoothie and whole-wheat toast topped with fresh avocado, salt and pepper. A lot of times I take the smoothie to go and drink it on the drive to school. 
  • Leave time for a stress-relieving activity. Whether that's blogging, crafting, reading, or going to the gym. Right now my activity is kickboxing, but I also love to knit and this adult coloring books are a lot of fun if you want to keep yourself productive during a Netflix break. 
  • Drink plenty of water. It sounds weird to think of it as stress-relieving, but water has so many benefits that I feel like it is beneficial to relieving stress. Especially if you're prone to stress-breakouts, being well hydrated will be a major help. 
  • Leave yourself a half an hour or so once or twice a week to pamper yourself. After a hard few days, its nice to have a few minutes to yourself. Put on a face mask and read a few chapters of that book you've been meaning to get to. 
  • Keep organized. Make sure to use a planner to keep track of due dates and upcoming events. This will help give a visual on how much time you spend doing each of your activities and ensure you don't stretch yourself too thin. 
Staying hydrated by enjoying a fruit infused water

A reasonably balanced breakfast :) 

If you have any more tips feel free to comment.

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What's your opinion?

  1. Great tips. Not only is this relevant for school stress, it's relevant for life stress. I always start off my day with breakfast if I don't have time I just grab a protein bar. I def agree about pampering yourself. I always take the time out of the week to do my nails. Def a great way to unwind.

    Happy Friday

    1. Ughh autocorrect. My site is supposed to say

    2. Happy Friday! I'm glad you agree and see the importance in taking a few minutes to unwind :)


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