Cruelty Free Review Round-Up| Mythologie & CBD for Life

I've had a few products in my stash that I've been taking my sweet time testing. ...sorry! Frankly my house, and schedule have been crazy the past few weeks so I've been doing my best to test everything thoroughly, but hadn't actually gotten around to posting as soon as I wanted to. So hello, Long time no speak! I've missed you!

First up is Mythologie, a brand that specializes in natural and organic facial oil. I have been majorly into facial oils these past few months and as the weather warms up it was nice to return to sea buckthorn oil. It's light, soaks in quickly, and does wonders for my acne-prone, oily skin. I sampled their Radiance blend, which is meant to encourage cell turn over, hydrate and brighten the skin. I also love that this blend includes Neroli, an essential oil known to be uplifting. It's one of my favorites and I'm so happy to come across it in a skincare product.

Gym + Coffee + A Cruelty Free Me

I'm super picky with my workout apparel, and recently I've been seeing what a difference quality can make. Thanks to my proximity to the outlets, I admittedly have stocked up on my fair share of leggings.

One of the apparel items I find a bit harder to buy are hoodies. Don't get me wrong I love my oversized comfy hoodies, but sometimes I want to workout in them and the typical fleeces don't quite cut it for me, sometimes the excess fabric feels like it's getting in the way if I'm lifting.
Gym + Coffee
Enter Gym + Coffee. Gym + Coffee is an Irish athleisure brand that just launched in the United States. Their sweatshirts tick all the boxes for me! These hoodies are fitted, without being constricting, are slightly longer in the back, have zippered pockets, a roomie hood, and thumb holes!


SIBU's Mother's Day Giveaway

As I'm gearing up for Mother's Day, and a potential Mother's Day Gift Guide I thought I'd share an awesome giveaway my friends at SIBU are having.

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I've worked with SIBU in the past, so If you're not familiar with their line of sea buckthorn oil products I would highly recommend checking out that post, and the products SIBU has to offer!

SIBU is giving away their Perfect Skin Bundle to some lucky winners! There's no purchase necessary and the winners will be chosen by May 3rd -- in time for Mother's Day delivery.