Fenix DX and XT Dietary Supplement Review

I've been sampling Organo's Body Management products for the last few weeks now, specifically Fenix DX and XT
Fenix XT has been a major asset to my busy schedule. My hours at the office have increased at the same time that I've been trying to boost my time at the gym. Fenix XT has been helping me get through the day without the crash that coffee or energy drinks tend to give me. It has a tasty peach mango flavor and is easy to mix with water. I add mine to a blender bottle and give it a shake. You can also add Fenix XT to a standard size water bottle. 

Protein Cookies?!?! |Munk Pack Review

This month I finally took the plunge and hired a personal trainer, and along with transitioning to harder workouts and lifting more weight, I've been conscious of adding more protein to my diet. Protein shakes for breakfast, detox waters in the afternoon, and sometimes even protein baked goods! 
Munk Pack was kind enough to send me a few varieties of their protein cookies. There are a few major reasons I wanted to try these: 
  1. I love sweets!
  2. I want to add more protein to my diet.
  3. I need an easy to grab and good for you snack for my on the go lifestyle.
Munk Pack protein cookies have 18G of plant protein per cookie, taste great, have 6G of fiber, are gluten free, non-GMO, and are dairy free. 

Foodie Favorites

Since we moved in I've been doing a lot of cooking, baking specifically is a lot of fun for me. This past month I've made brownies, peach cobbler, peanut butter cookies, pumpkin bars and a few kinds of muffins. Since I've been starting to work out more I'm becoming more conscious of what is in baking mixes, cutting back on sugar, and using whole wheat flour. Any raw ingredients I have in my kitchen are organic, and somewhat of a healthier alternative. 
Protein Muffins
As for mixes I've tried a few recently. Yesterday I made Kodiak Cakes protein muffins. I chose the coconut dark chocolate mix. The mix makes 12 muffins, and one serving is 2 muffins. I figured this would be good to make for mornings I don't have time to mix myself a protein shake. It's an easy grab and go breakfast. I like these muffins a lot. They aren't the best muffins I've ever had, but since they are supposed to be healthier and also contain whey protein... the health benefits make up for the few negatives. Mine came out a bit dry, which is the biggest drawback for me. Next time I make them I plan on using a lower temperature setting to see if it makes a difference. 
Cucumber Kimchi
I've never made kimchi before, but after Sunny's Gourmet Seasoning reached out to me about their cucumber kimchi recipe I was intrigued. I love teriyaki sauce and was also looking for an easy to make (but tasty) veggie side when I pack my lunch. I followed the recipe to a T, but I decided to cut my cucumbers with a spiralizer. If you're interested in trying out this recipe for yourself, pick up some of Sunny's Teriyaki Sauce, and Kimchi Seasoning and follow this easy recipe. These products are available on their site, Amazon, and at Whole Foods. Next I want to follow the baked spicy onion ring recipe

September Favorites

This month has been all about haircare, and I've tried a few new things to keep my hair strong and healthy. Since moving into my first apartment (wow it's officially a month now!) it's been harder to take care of my typically low maintenance hair, the hard water has been weighing down my hair. Thankfully I've been changing up my routine and found a few things to help prevent damage and encourage growth. 
September Favorites
My first favorite is The Hollywood Silk Solution. Over the years I've heard that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is healthier for you hair and skin. The silk causes less hair breakage, and doesn't leave creases or tug your skin. Pillowcases such as this one are recommended by celebrity hair stylists, dermatologists, and beauty experts and I had been dying to get my hands on them. 

My Experience Trying Anti-Aging Skincare at 22| YOUTH by Shaklee

At 22 years old anti-aging is not the first benefit on my mind when shopping for skincare products, so I was pretty shocked when Shaklee reached out to me about their anti aging line called "Youth". Before I tested the line I had the opportunity to ask their Global Ambassador, Sloan Barnett a few questions about why natural anti-aging products are so important to someone close to my age. 
Youth💫 by Shaklee
At what age should women begin looking into and using anti-aging products? 
It is not too soon to begin using an anti-aging regimen in your 20's! The best thing you can do at this age is to prevent wrinkles and key signs of aging from appearing. The best way to do this is to protect your skin from the sun everyday with an Spf-30 broad spectrum sunscreen system, like our YOUTH Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30. In addition, preventing free radicals from damaging your skin and causing premature aging is key! All of our YOUTH products contain our patented Vital Repair+ Complex and patent-pending Muscadine Grape polyphenols to prevent this damage from occurring! Plus, our Radiance C+E Capsules contain 20% pure vitamin C, arguably the best antioxidant in the industry.

August Favorites

I can't believe how fast this summer went, I'm finally settled in my new apartment (as of a week ago), and I've been officially out of school and working for almost 4 months now! So many milestones happened for me this summer, but unfortunately none of them were really blogging related. I'm hoping to get back to my regular schedule, now that I'm not living out of boxes. 

I used to do monthly favorites like clockwork, so I'm happy to get back into the groove of things. My last one was in December! I can't believe it!
August Favorites
I received Clean on Me as a gift this summer for my 22nd birthday. The giver described it as her absolute favorite shower product, mentioning its delicious smell. I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying it, it's got a great scent doesn't dry my skin, and leaves me feeling squeaky clean. This is the first Soap & Glory product I've tried, and it definitely won't be my last.  I reach for this daily. 

Surya Brasil CF Nail Polish

For about as long as I have been aware of buying strictly cruelty free products I have been searching high and low for a good cruelty free nail polish. I'm picky, before learning about how awful animal testing I stuck to one "designer" brand of nail polish, and would rarely stray. 
Surya Brasil reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to give their nail polishes a try. When I first opened the box I was so impressed with the packaging, each bottle features an exotic animal, I received chameleon, coral snake, wolf, and narwhale. These polishes are 7-free, meaning they do not contain camphor, formaldehyde. DBP, parabens, toluene, or animal products. 
Surya Brazil Chameleon

Cruelty Free Work Essentials

I was sent two products recently that have become my little workplace saving graces. I always keep hand sanitizer and hand lotion at my desk. This is kind of another step in self care for me. Keeping things like this in addition to water and snack helps prevent me from getting burnt out. A simple ritual of cleaning and moisturizing my hands after what feels like endless typing, is a tiny break from the craziness that can sometimes ensue at my desk. 
Everyone, also known as EO, sent me this lovely hand sanitizer spray. The scent (Coconut Lemon) has to be my favorite among all the sanitizers I have tried over the years. I love anything with coconut and this is such a clean scent and it takes me out of the office for just a moment. There are no synthetic fragrances, it's cruelty free, and packaged in a recycled plastic bottle. 
Also great to keep in your car!