First Impressions of Altwell CBD

'A Cruelty Free Me' is no stranger to CBD products, I've spoken about CBD infused cleansers, bath bombs, face masks, and muscle rubs. However, I was always curious about CBD supplements for stress and general wellness. CBD products have worked wonders for my skin as well as minor workout aches and injuries, so I had faith in finding other benefits. 

Altwell kindly sent me a box filled with some of their newest launches, and over the past week I've been trying out different supplements to see which I preferred and which worked best for me.

The Altwell team is best known for its work on Muscle Milk. Personally, I've never tried Muscle Milk as I've been dairy-free almost as long as I've been interested in health and fitness. But I know that they are a tried and true brand and have been around for generations, so I trust their judgment when it comes to their new product line. Keep reading to learn more about Altwell's offerings! 

CBD Gummies 

I tried both the restful sleep variety and the balance blend. These were so easy and fun to take and the citrus yuzu flavor is delicious. 

Thanks to social media, I often have trouble shutting down in the evening and heading to bed early enough. I took the sleep gummies about 10 hours before I knew I needed to be awake (I like to give myself an extra hour or so with melatonin products). In my experience the gummy worked similar to a slow-release melatonin, which was great because I didn't feel like I hit a wall as soon as I took it. I drifted gently to sleep, and I woke up feeling well-rested and ready to conquer my workday.
Plant-Based Protein Supplement
I cannot get enough of this! Being dairy-free I am particular about my protein supplements. When I'm looking for a protein supplement I want to ensure that it has 15 to 20g of protein per serving, is free of whey and casein, and tastes great. Not only is this protein delicious, but it is also packed with protein. Each serving has 20g of protein and it's sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, which I prefer to cane sugar when available.

I tried this protein both ways to ensure it met my standards and it honestly surpassed my expectations. I tried the chocolate variety on its own (blended with almond milk), and used the vanilla in a smoothie (blended with strawberries, kale, spinach, almond milk, raspberries, bananas, and blueberries). I loved both flavors, the chocolate flavor reminded me of chocolate chip brownies, and the vanilla tasted fresh and creamy. I love feeling like I'm treating myself to something decadent instead of a kale and spinach smoothie. 

CBD Softgels/CBD Tincture 

I took the 'balance mind and body' formulation on days when my schedule was the most packed. I'll admit normally I get a bit stressed and worn out on days when I have back to back calls, need to work on spreadsheets, and still find time to workout and cook my meals. On days when I took a dose of CBD I felt calmer, and like my day was a bit more manageable. Both forms worked in the same way for me, but I felt that the tincture worked best for me. 

Overall Impression: 

This is my first time trying CBD as a supplement so I wasn't quite sure what I would think or how I would feel. First and foremost looking through the Altwell site, I was amazed at the transparency they have as a brand, they even allow you to check the certificate of analysis that links back to your specific purchase.  As I get older brand transparency is something that has become increasingly important to me. Of course in terms of beauty brands I only purchase from brands that are crystal clear about their cruelty-free status, I'm just as picky when it comes to supplements and I want to know exactly what I'm putting in my body. 

I also love that Altwell packs the same great ingredients into every type of supplement they produce. I think it's great that I have a range of options to choose from, and can pick what works best for me. Personally, I liked the protein supplement and gummies the best. Both of these products were super easy to fit into my active lifestyle. 

Altwell is a brand that I'll be purchasing from in the future. As a brand they tick all the boxes I'm looking for as a consumer. Their supplements helped me to feel calmer and more relaxed, even on days that were anything but relaxing. 


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