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It's been yet another hot minute since I posted here. If you haven't been keeping up with my Instagram, I started explaining a bit there, but I thought it was time I gave the blog an update as well.

Sustainability has played a huge role in my decision to be less active these past few months. I was receiving PR packages as well as purchasing so many products that I couldn't possibly get through them all in a timely manner.  I also realized how many products in varying stages of empty were cluttering my bathroom and bedroom. Some products came in recyclable packaging, but others were less sustainable or included an appalling amount of shipping materials.

Eventually I got it together and donated the items I never got to use, or those that I had way to much excess of. I would encourage you to do the same if you feel as if you're drowning in products.

These days I'm only receiving PR packages for brands I know I'll actually get use out of, or fit a space in my current collection. Rather than letting products clutter my space and my mind, I prefer to wait to review products until I have a need for them in my life. This has led to a decline in posts, but I feel better knowing that I'm not contributing as much to the waste and environmental issues on this planet.

I've also taken a step back to focus on other aspects of my life, such as my home and my career.

Work has been insane lately, mostly the good kind. I'm really proud to be working on what I'm doing and am blessed to have such a great team. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but I feel like I'm on the right path. For those who don't know I work at a New York advertising agency. I recently switched to a new team, working for a new client and it is vastly different work than what I am used to. It's led to some stress and late nights, but I'm ultimately happy.

Because work has been so insane my boyfriend and I are looking at moving out of our cute apartment
about 1.5 hours outside the city, and we are currently looking at areas that are geographically closer to my office. NY real estate is no joke, and even though we just started looking I am STRESSED! I have a vision for what I want our new place to look like, and some new furniture will be involved. Becoming a city girl also means I'll be selling my car... I've had this car since graduating high school so I'm a little sad to say goodbye. It feels weird to know that I'll be walking pretty much everywhere soon.

Along with all these life changes I've also been striving to get my wardrobe under control. I'm a tee shirt and leggings kind of girl in the fall and winter, and a flowy dress kind of girl in the spring and summer. So finding my style when it comes to agency life has been interesting. There are definitely some gaps in my wardrobe, but being a full-time boss babe I've been working on putting more high-quality basics in my closet such as blazers, denim, and classic oxfords.

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