Eddie Funkhouser; First Impressions

It's been absolutely ages since I did a beauty review, so I am pretty pumped to publish my first impressions on a few Eddie Funkhouser products. EF kindly sent me a package last month, you can see my unboxing in my highlights. The box was filled with rocking products including the Decadence eye shadow palette, Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus, and a multitude of Molten Metal Matte Lip Creams, keep reading to find out which products were my favorites.

For a little context I saw Avenger's End Game while testing out this makeup look lol. So I put this look through a lot.
I used the Decadence palette for my eye look, while I loved the finished look I used a few matte separates to complete it. This palette is filled with shimmer and glitter shades. Lately I've been going for a very bronzed and sparkly look and this palette fits that routine well.

The Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus is the eyeliner of my dreams! I have been looking for a new felt tip liner for ages. I don’t think I've found one that I've truly loved since transitioning to cruelty-free makeup. I could rave about this liner all day, it goes on so smoothly and I feel like I have amazing control when creating a wing. Eddie Funkhouser, this stuff is fire! I just did a baby wing for this look, but I plan to create a more dramatic wing in future looks.

On my lips I wore the Molten Metal Matte Lip Cream in Lavapalooza. I loved the color, it did not last through all of my movie snack but I'm honestly ok with that. I'm a snacker so it's expected. If you saw my unboxing you will have seen all the other lovely colors I received, so stay tuned to my Instagram to see upcoming looks incorporating those shades.

I would love to know in the comments below what makeup you've tried recently, and why you love it!


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