I Moved to a New Apartment!| Creating a Gallery Wall

Last year I moved to a new area to live with my boyfriend (of now 4 years) we had rented a home with some roommates and it was my first time living away from home, aside from my semester abroad. Last month we moved into a new apartment and we've slowly been making it our own. I plan to take pics of some of the details in another post, but not everything is exactly how I want it yet.

Nevertheless I am very happy to be in a new place, and excited to personalize my new home.
A diamond painting I created this summer, part of my gallery wall.
One thing that has been instrumental to making my new apartment feel homey, is hanging artwork. This can sometimes be challenging especially if you are going for a "gallery wall" look. A gallery wall is when you hang 3 or more frames in an arrangement, kind of like a collage of frames. My vision for the apartment was to have tons of white framed and matted artwork in a gallery wall arrangement. As I've been decorating I've strayed from that idea a bit. But I do love how this particular arrangement looks.

To hang my frames I've been using the precision picture hanging kit. The kit I used hangs up to 12 frames and includes hardware (receivers) to mount on your frames-- if there isn't already anything to hang them from. This kit made it super easy to create my mini gallery, I simply stuck the wall hanger on the wall, inserted a drywall screw with a Phillips head screwdriver and attached a receiver to the back of my frame. The 12 picture kit even comes with a level/tape measure/pen and paper tool to assist you in lining up the perfect gallery.

Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear how you made your new place feel homey!


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