Better than I Could Have Dreamed| Veise Dream Serum Review

When I first came across a press release for Veise Dream Serum I had read that it would be great for acne scars and I thought it would be perfect for any pigmentation I was experiencing. Shortly after receiving a bottle of the serum my skin snapped out of it's stress phase (thank you vacation) and I couldn't properly test it on scarring or pigmentation.

Fast forward to a few weeks later when one of my favorite beauty brands was having a sale, from which I ordered a new mascara. It took me a few tries but I soon realized that the mascara was causing an allergic reaction, I'm not sure if I had a bad batch or I was allergic to the formula but it caused my eyes to become irritated, puffy, and dry. An allergy medicine helped with the puffiness, but I couldn't shake the dryness and irritation-- until I realized I had Dream Serum in my arsenal.

Veise's Dream Serum is cruelty free, for all skin types, and helps with keeping your skin hydrated, healing blemishes, and reducing scaring.

I haven't had any issues with scarring lately, but with moving (and maybe age?) I have seen some changes in my skin and it seems to be a bit on the dryer side lately. I've been using Dream Serum morning and night for the last few weeks under my moisturizer to enhance hydration. Dream Serum is lightweight, easy to apply and not sticky or silicone based like some serums I have tried in the past.

I would definitely recommend this serum for those struggling with dry patches, or acne. I've even had my boyfriend try it post shaving, and it helped soothe his skin. My eyes are slowly returning to their normal pre-allergy state thanks to Veise!

Leave me a comment below, what's in your emergency skincare arsenal?


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  2. Does anyone know why the veise site is down and where I can find this product. I'm hoping they just changed their name

    1. This was my daughters company and I have some face wash left. Can’t comment on what happened though


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