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Hey everyone! I am super excited to get back into the blog this week, hope you all liked Sophia's guest post last week, I thought she did an awesome job! This week I want to share my review of the Skinerals products I showed in my last haul.  Skinerals is a 100% organic, mineral based, cruelty free line designed to repair damaged or irritated skin. Skinerals kindly sent me a few of their products and I am beyond excited to share my review with you. 
I have been testing out Skinerals Californium Sunless Bronzer for the last few weeks now. I usually use a self tanner when the weather begins to warm up. The application is simple I use two pumps on a mitt for each leg, my torso, my chest and neck, and two pumps for my back. I use one pump on each arm and use any leftover product to go over my ears and face. This the best applicator mitt I have tried so far, it is incredibly soft and gives good coverage. I also like that it is double sided. 
Self Tanner🌅
I love that the sunless bronzer is a mousse, making it quick and easy to apply to the skin. The guide color on this product is quite dark so I apply this at night after showering and drying my hair, sleep in it, and then shower again in the morning. To be 100% honest I have had a bit more trouble with applying this product evenly, however I think it is user error. Since it's just the start of the self tanning season for me, I haven't been applying a product like this for a few months and will have to get back into the swing of it. The color payoff on this product is also darker than other self tanners I have tried in the past, which I really like, it gives you a nice true-medium glow without looking unnatural. This product also doesn't have that 'typical self tanner scent' and I still feel fresh while sleeping in it, which is a major plus for me! 
Topazanite Mist🌊
I also received the Skinerals Topazanite Theraceutical Skin Solution, this product is designed to accelerate the moisturizing process and quickly absorb into your skin. This mist is meant for use on irritated skin such as acne, sunburn, or eczema. I have sprayed it on a scratch that mysteriously appeared on my leg(I presume that it was some sort of irritation from shaving), and felt that the dryness surrounding it healed much more quickly than expected and it felt less itchy and irritated after application. I have also used it on acne, but since I am also beginning to take more hair/skin/nail vitaimins, and B6 I cannot say for sure that this is what made the difference, but I do think it has helped! I will be testing out next month on vacation as well since I know I am bound to get sunburned lol. 
Papaya(peachy neutral) and Velvet(red)💋
I have been trying the Moonstone Lip Glosses this week as well, these were the last things I tried out of the package I was sent just because I had gotten so used to my matte lip creams this winter. I am pleasantly surprised by this product and know I will definitely be reaching for it during the spring and summer months. I have the shades 'Papaya' and 'Velvet. The product was not sticky, and when it wore off it didn't leave my lips feeling parched. I forgot how much I loved using mineral makeup ages ago, and will definitely have to consider this next time I purchase cosmetics. This lipgloss did not feel heavy on my lips.  I know this is something I will regularly be using. 

Thanks so much Skinerals for sending me these beautiful products to test out, you definitely rekindled my love for mineral products!

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